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Coupon Details

WebTotem Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get WebTotem.

Make use of the special WebTotem coupon code above to access discount page and save 98% off your next purchase of WebTotem by Olzhas Satiyev & his team. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your WebTotem Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since WebTotem launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

WebTotem Coupon Code

Introducing WebTotem Coupon Code

WebTotem is a web application cyber security assistant that protects your web page and actively monitors threats.

You’ll get another line of defense with WebTotem’s antivirus.

The antivirus module will autonomously check files for viruses, shells, and backdoors with a powerful signature analysis algorithm (like a giant bouncer from a high-end club).

Then, it provides detailed reports with results from the analysis that include name, file path, and threat class.

The antivirus will also immediately let you know about new, modified, and deleted files that you didn’t authorize, since that’s usually a sign of malicious code making trouble.

This way, you can stop the spread of the virus and protect your site from being blacklisted by search engines and antivirus programs.

WebTotem also makes it easy to find out where your site stands with security.

The automatic security scoring checks the settings of the server through settings like http headers, WAF, CMS, and cookies, then assigns you a numerical and letter grade.

The scoring system will also make recommendations to improve your configuration or settings—that includes checking whether your software versions are up-to-date to reduce your vulnerabilities.

If that wasn’t enough, scoring will also alert you to possible data leaks, so you can find solutions before the problem gets any worse (or Buzzfeed writes a hit piece on you).

Awesome Cybersecurity solution

I have many years experience in Cybersecurity and I know (use and test) many tools similar to Webtotem, but this is a great tool for all kind of customers and Cybersecurity enthusiast, is easy to implement, manage and the monitoring is very clean. It will be a good experience for all users

in terms of functionalities (a.k.a features) it will be great once the roadmap is done, this is a good opportunity for all us to acquired an awesome web Cybersecurity Solution.

Their support is quickly and cool, all day I did many question here (AppSumo) and their portal, all question was resolved.. well done!

I want to talk about Webtotem in one or two years about your rising. ; )

If you missed other security plugins, then don’t miss out on this.

WebTotem is a web application cyber security assistant that protects your web page and actively monitors threats. It’s a software solution for monitoring, identifying, and eliminating web application cyber threats, such as brute force attacks, SQL injections, and cross-site scripting attacks, that are attempting to obtain unauthorized access to your web application. WebTotem will help you to: 1. Be notified about threats to your web application 2. Monitor threats in real time 3. Detect unauthorized access attempts 4. View detailed reports.

WebTotem goes beyond simple scanning your webpage for vulnerabilities, by actively monitoring your website and looking for threats in real-time. WebTotem is a good choice for any small business or business owner that does not have the time to keep up with all the latest security vulnerabilities, or the resources to hire a dedicated cyber security expert.

Oh My Webtotem!!

🌮 Works with WP out of the box
🌮 Technically should work with any website as long as you have backend access (i.e. files / FTP). If you need help, their team will do it for you!!
🌮 Affordable pricing for this deal!! (Webarx had a $99 BF deal for 5 sites last time, so do the math!)
🌮 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (highest tier). I guess subaccounts don’t matter since most probably clients will just give you money to secure their sites
🌮 White-label reporting (with your logo and all)

What’s still to come?
🌮 I don’t see any automated website hardening features for their plugin so either use another WP plugin or harden your servers yourself or hire an expert. Remember WP sites are very prone to hacking!

Overall, another fantastic deal for us Sumolings! Go BUY NOW before they run out of codes!! (remember the Phonewagon deal that a lot of US missed out to maximize stacking 😊)

Everything your site needs to Be Safe

I’ve been using WebTotem for some time exploring its functionality, and I’m blown away.

WebTotem is a very easy to use powerhouse for protecting your website. Imagine having one dashboard that can show you:

– All technologies used on any site
– Monitoring SSL, site availability/uptime/performance, system resources and domain reputation
– Port scanning (are any of your ports vulnerable to hacker attacks)
– An over all evaluation of your site that generates a score with a very detailed report on all issues found, their severities, and what to do about each one.
– A Firewall that shows you how many attacks have been attempted on your site, from which location, – origin IP, how many have been blocked, etc.
– Antivirus that regularly (or on demand) scans all your files, reports and quarantines any infected ones.

I was able to set it up in minutes on all my sites. And for my WordPress sites, I can get all this feedback right from my WP dashboard using the WP plugin.

The only drawback I encountered was having to wait for the Firewall feedback to populate. But this is to be expected. Virus scans are also lengthy.

Knowing what I know now I can’t imagine not having WT installed on my site. For $59 it’s a no brainer.

And as an agency or freelancer you can use WT as an entry point to scoring paid professional services from other businesses. Just send them white labeled monitoring reports and upsell them on add-on services that they absolutely need.

A not to be missed deal.