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Notejoy is a collaboration tool that helps organizations easily discover, capture, and share ideas.

As a true, real-time collaboration tool, Notejoy allows teams inside — and outside (lookin’ at you, agencies and freelancers) — of your company to discuss projects and make decisions quickly.

All collaboration takes place on a stunning, distraction-free interface that is intuitive and easy to use (no YouTube tutorials necessary). Not only that, but it’s accessible via web, desktop, and iOS!

There’s no limit to what Notejoy can help you tackle — product roadmaps, blog posts, onboarding materials, call scripts, OKRs (or as we like to call them OKURRRS), and anything else worth writing down.

And that’s just on the inside. Don’t forget about the outside collaboration opportunities like external client teams, copy and design projects, company policies, status updates, and wikis.

Notejoy is equipped with a ton of — noteworthy (lol, I can’t be stopped) — features.

Here are just a few:

Image galleries. Drag and drop or copy and paste images right into your Notejoy document. Best part? They can be viewed from left to right within the note, so they’re not taking up a ton amount of space.

Enhanced communication. Whether you’re participating in a thread, mentioning someone to get their attention, or throwing in an emoji for fun, Notejoy gives you the real-time interaction you need to get work done.

Lifetime Access to Notejoy

Integrations. Import and embed Microsoft Office docs, sheets, and ppts, Google Drive docs, sheets, and slides, and Slack conversations into notes. You can also easily export notes to Google Drive, Slack, and Trello.

Efficient note management. Notes are instantly shared with the team (no more updating permissions). Notejoy’s search function is unrivaled — just type in a keyword and it will immediately highlight all results. In addition, you can pin and archive notes, along with getting notebook overviews and weekly digests.