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Coupon Details

GrabVid Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get GrabVid .

Make use of the special GrabVid coupon code above to access discount page and save $10 off your next purchase of GrabVid by Neil Napier. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your GrabVid Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since GrabVid launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

GrabVid Coupon Code

Introducing GrabVid Coupon Code

It allows you to help businesses turn their current video assets (or you could charge them more to create their first assets) …from one language to 23 different ones AND get paid handsomely for helping them go truly global.

Or you could turn any video (incl the PLR ones from your computer) into new videos, with built-in voice-overs.

Video is an increasingly popular content channel for marketers.
YouTube is a great source for all ages and it has a lot of different genera’s of videos.
Now You can leverage every. single. royalty-free video on YouTube…

And this brand-new software helps you translate, add captions and snatch royalty-free content from YouTube for fast video creation.

What is GrabVid?

GrabVid Allows you to Translate, Add Captions and Snatch Royalty-Free Content From YouTube For Fast Video Creation.

How it Works?

Step#1 Grab it
Upload a video or pick from million different royalty-free YouTube Videos.

Step#2 Repurpose
With just a few clicks, translate the video into different languages, add caption and more!

Step#3 Get Results
..with 1-Click syndication on
Facebook, LinkedIn or sell to rabid buyers in ANY niche of your choice.

Here’s what GrabVid will help you do:
[+] Crank out killer social videos in minutes by turning expert content into powerful, useful Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter video posts that people can’t ignore and want to share.
[+] Dominate the search engines by flooding your channel with fresh daily video content that people love and send endless free traffic to your business day after day.
[+] Build your list at breakneck speed by creating awesome explainer videos and exploding your opt-in rate!
[+] Build instant authority in any niche by creating highly-engaging and proven-to-convert, best—selling courses and other training products.
[+] Legally hijack and repurpose proven content and eliminate the guesswork. See which video is already popular in your niche and convert it into your own unique version in minutes.
[+] Launch a money- making agency that produces expert video content for clients in record speed, getting paid hundreds per hour for just minutes of your time.
[+] Save endless hours and thousands of dollars by NOT HAVING TO hire researchers, writers, editors, designers, videographers, and spending hundreds of dollars to create a single video.
[+] Commercial License included during the launch
[+] Newbie-Friendly – Created With Part-Timers In Mind
[+] Implement immediately from your new “home office” (kitchen table!)
and much much more…

Listen, there are a few reasons why you should be ACTIVELY ranking for non-English keywords (and content).

For starters – English ONLY accounts for 25% of web traffic.

Then – English ONLY accounts for 40% of the content on YouTube.

This means there is a MASSIVE opportunity to cash in on non-English traffic (which often ends up buying paid products in English because you know, there’s a lack of good quality products in their native language.

And here’s another BIG TRUTH:

It’s REALLY difficult to rank for videos and keywords in English. The market is VERY saturated.

Look at the example on the right.

If you want to rank for “SEO Marketing Basics”, you will be competing with 651,000 results on YouTube.

But switch the content over to Spanish, and you are now competing with only 177,000 other videos.

Then – switch to Italian – and there are only 2,000 results for the same keyword.

So – can you sense the opportunity?

What if there was a way to take any boring old video in English, and automatically translate it into Spanish, Italian, or 21 other languages? And use it to squeeze out every bit of traffic from YouTube (or just use these videos to translate your courses?)

The good news is, there is – and we’ll get to that shortly…

85% of online shoppers need access to information in their native language before making a purchase…

…and 90% of Europeans prefer browsing the web in their first language!

85% of people on Facebook watch a video with the sound turned OFF, reading the captions instead! That’s a ton of Facebook views, clicks and cash that businesses and video marketers leave on the table each day.

Foreign speaking markets buy more stuff! When Best Buy launched a website in Spanish, people spent twice as much money as English-speaking customers!

Up to 22 of every 1,000 Americans have a severe hearing impairment or are deaf… and that’s just the U.S!

23% of people are buying stuff online while at work every day, often watching your videos with the sound off so they don’t get into trouble with their boss!

Marketers & businesses automatically rank higher on Google & YouTube with perfectly translated and transcribed multi-lingual videos (and of course profit BIG by capturing foreign markets).

I am not technical & it’s difficult to get started.
gallery/Group 615gallery/Group 617
I don’t have good design (or video creation) skills, and
gallery/Group 616
To get ahead, I need a lot of content, but I don’t have the time!
The last point is important.

I could easily spend the next month learning everything about graphic design and video creation. Heck, I could even get a little bit good at it. But I will NEVER have the amount of time I need to Even if I was to teach myself all the important design skills or video creation skills, there’s an important thing I will not have…

Outsource It

Expensive, and requires a lot of back and forth. I have in past outsourced my video creation. While the results were good, it often took me 2-4 weeks for a 5-minute video.

There were other problems too: I had to create my script from scratch. I had to give DETAILED guidelines to the outsourcers. And let’s face it – asking another human being to do something for you, on a budget, never goes well.

Even then, you end up spending a lot of money 🙁

Option 2:

Buy Many Tools

This is definitely the preferred option. These days, many Video makers, Animation makers, and other such software are available online.

These are good but have 2 critical points of failures:

1. You still need to come up with a script, and

2. You need to often create videos from scratch.

So you save money, but the quality is still lacking. After all, if you’re anything like me, you are not creative at all.

Automatic Translation

Convert the transcript into any available language. Just in a matter of seconds. Again, With GrabVid Coupon Code you have total control and can change anything. We cover 23 languages with automatic voice overs: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, Spanish,
French, French (Canada), German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Portuguese Brazilian, Portuguese European,
Russian, Welsh, Turkish, and more on the way!