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Click on the above “CLICK TO REDEEM” button and it’ll taken you to the discount page.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Will I need to create an app or do a complicated setup?

A. No, this app is Facebook approved. Which means that you don’t need to set up anything. Just add your pages and you’re ready to work. There’s a

Q. Is this just an autoposter?

A. Nope, there’s no autoposting involved. You actually look for content but it’s really fast using ReachMultiply’s interface, then you can queue for the long term very quickly and make a final selection about the posts that will go on your Facebook. In fact you can modify everything, even images right within ReachMultiply.

Q. How can I monetize this?

A. You get traffic. You can monetize it every way you can monetize traffic. Promote ecom products, CPA offers, grab leads, build a list. Keep posting content through ReachMultiply, and also push in your own lead-grabbing or sales posts and turn those organic visitors into cash.

Q. Will this run on my OS?

A. It’s web based, it runs everywhere, including your phone and your tablet. Just log in and you’re on!

Q. Is there training available?

A. Yep! In the training area we’ve got videos that not only show you how to do things, but also how to create strategies and use this software for maximum impact.

Q. Can I give it to my team?

A. We’ve got special upgrades inside for teams and also for agencies!

Q. Can I find and post GIFs?

A. Yep! Animated GIFs are really powerful on Facebook right now, and this app lets you find animated GIFs online and post them to your Facebook page.