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Coupon Details

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BeagleSecurity Coupon Code

Introducing BeagleSecurity Coupon Code

BeagleSecurity helps online businesses secure their website from security threats with intelligent website security monitoring.

BeagleSecurity helps you leverage the power of AI and automation to get accurate results in less time.

While manual penetration testing takes about two to three weeks, with BeagleSecurity, you can complete automated penetration testing in about two hours to two days.

With the click of a button, your website undergoes in-depth penetration tests in the background with the ability to run multiple tests simultaneously.

The tool lets you add unlimited websites, allowing you to secure multiple environments, web apps, and websites from one single dashboard.

Once the security test is complete, access all the relevant security details on the dashboard, like security score, number of vulnerabilities, and classification based on severity.

You’ll also get the OWASP Top 10 indicators, a global standard for web security with tables and graphs that show the vulnerability trend of a particular site over time.

You can download the test results as a report in PDF, CSV, XML, or JSON format with detailed information for both technical and non-technical people alike!

With BeagleSecurity, you can:

1. Schedule recurring penetration tests
2. Add user input details and security test web apps with login modules
3. Follow tailored recommendations to fix security issues before cyber attackers harm you in any way
4. Integrate security testing into your DevOps pipeline
5. Build completely automated workflows for website penetration testing
6. Invite teammates and collaborate easily to keep track of the security of multiple websites

In short, BeagleSecurity helps you to discover website security issues at the right time and address them in the right way.

FAQ about BeagleSecurity

❓ Will BeagleSecurity work with any type of website?

BeagleSecurity works with all types of websites and frameworks. It is completely technology, platform and framework agnostic.

❓ What are concurrent tests?

The number of tests you can run parallelly at the same time.

❓ How many websites/web applications can I add?

You can add any number of websites and swap between them for running the penetration tests. We do not limit the number of websites you can add. There’s only a limit on the number of tests available per month.

❓ I am already using a firewall. Where does BeagleSecurity come in?

Firewalls help you block malicious attacks in real-time. Firewalls sit inside your server and checks for any malware in your server and block unwanted requests. It will check whether any hacker or any unwanted software is able to inject malware into your server.

What BeagleSecurity does is just the other way around. We do penetration tests on your website and find any possible loopholes that hackers may try to compromise.

❓ What makes BeagleSecurity different from malware scanners?

Malware scanners help you to block or remove malware from your website. What BeagleSecurity does is that it helps you to proactively find security weaknesses on your website and gives you recommendations on how you can fix them. This way, attackers will find it hard to inject malware in any way.

❓ Is it safe to run a penetration test in a production environment?

BeagleSecurity is configured to be production environment friendly. However, there are certain risks involved because our tests need to be thorough to make sure all the instances that a hacker might execute are covered.

Thus, we cannot guarantee that everything will be alright. That is why we strongly recommend that you test your developer instance or a similar setup if possible.

❓ How many tests should be conducted (on an average) each month on a website to fairly keep a check of the threats?

It depends on your release cycle. If you make changes more often, you might want to do a security test more frequently as well. Otherwise, one test will be more than enough. And, if you found issues that need to be addressed, it is advised to run a retest after fixing them all to get a clean test report.

❓ Can BeagleSecurity be used to do a random audit on a potential client without installing anything or uploading a file to their server?

No, domain verification is mandatory because otherwise, it may lead to a lot of unauthorized testing on the platform. So, we can’t give provision for random audits.

❓ Is there a limit to how many IP addresses you are able to scan in one test (with one domain)?

One test cover one domain, All resources under that domain will be tested. Subdomains and third-party resources are not included as they will be out of scope for that specific test.

What every business needs!

Beagle Security is the automatic solution to a serious problem. No matter what website, brand, or product you have – cybersecurity matters and this technology could be an affordable new tool to help maintain it.

It’s done automatically – no fuss on your part. It does a full test of all features where there might be vulnerabilities; so after one full check you know you’re good in terms of security!
This app does everything you’d need to protect your company’s data. This is important because the value of a successful data breach correction can be in the hundred thousands, not to mention the damage it will have on business reputation and customer relations. Beagle Security makes sure you don’t end up as one of those statistics.

Let’s kick back with some ice cream and get the scoop on Beagle Security. You might have your security, but do you really know who’s watching? As a hacker, I’m always eyeing weaknesses like when a third course was added to all the other courses at that feast last night. Crack your case with Beagle Security!

A great addition to my WP support package

I’ve tested the free version awhile back and realised that my usual combination of Wordfence and ithemes security are not enough. They’ve covered a lot of ground, but This app helped me find what these 2 did not manage to cover. I snagged a code at the last minute so i can offer them to my own clients, this purchase literally pays for itself and more. Thanks for the great product!

A Review after testing the service for 30 days

We have found Beegle Security to be very useful for increasing the security of several sites.

Though we are currently only using it to further secure websites, I hope to leverage it for a few SaaS products soon.

The main advantage of Beagle Security is that it lets you secure your app/website from the point of view of an external attacker – potential weaknesses that may be leveraged by a hacker are exposed and you get a detailed report about it. It’s like having a clever hacker who is on your side and reports back any security issues that can be exploited. We can take corrective steps and avoid any security disasters.

This is a premium service and a valuable tool to have in the security toolkit. I look forward to product growth and company progress.

PS: If you are an agency you can offer Beagle security as an upsell to select clients.

BeagleSecurity – a service that the site development agency must have.

Everyone knows about the need to give priority to the safety of their sites or customer sites. But this is expensive and requires a lot of time and effort. For small businesses, as a rule, this is difficult.
Well, Appsumo has an offer from BeagleSecurity. I took it immediately in order to regularly test sites for WordPress in terms of security and vulnerabilities.
During the first run of the test, a couple of difficulties arose, but support reacted instantly and helped resolve issues. Now I will tell you in more detail:
All my sites are exclusively on WordPress.
When moving to the domain verification step, the system invited me to choose to confirm in three ways, I decided to do the verification using the installation of a special plugin Beagle Security – WP Security, Advanced Pricing Testing. But this method did not work, as after installing the plugin on the site there was a critical error. D technical support said they would deal with the issue.
In order not to delay myself, I chose a confirmation method by downloading a special file to the root directory of the site under test. This method passed without problems.
2) Further, in the Configuration settings section, the system warned me that you should not enter the main account login information if you have CMS WordPress and some other CMS, since the data can be rewritten during security testing, which means that I will not be able to go to the admin panel of the site. This did not stop me a warning, as I deployed a copy of the site on the subdomain and was going to conduct the test on the subdomain. So I prescribed the data to access the admin panel.
3) Then I started the test. I immediately liked the fact that the system displays in real time through a special screen of logs which of the security elements is currently being tested on the site and that the system has already checked. And after 10%, I saw in the logs the following warning + received an email notification about this: “Failed to log in to website for authenticated testing.” Since I did not know that this message needed to be ignored, I paused the test and rechecked the data I left in the test settings BeagleSecurity to log in to the site.
⚠️ ATTENTION! It is not necessary to pause the TEST if you and I check the sites on CMS. Here’s what the support answered: “Please do not add admin credentials for content management systems like wordpress! It may alter your website during the test. For CMS Websites (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc), as they’re managed and maintained by third party vendor. They’re already thoroughly tested by the vendor. So for CMS Websites authenticating to the admin panel is not necessary unless you have a custom built portal for users other than the platform admin panel”. ⚠️
❗ Just ignore this warning and do not stop the test, since after it stops, 1 credit will be written off to run again from you. In those support, they promised to introduce a system that will allow interrupting the running test.

Incredible Value

Very impressed with Beagle Security and what it offers. As most people will know penetration testing is expensive and being able to do this for a small cost it was an easy decision to max stack, I believe we can make our investment back with just one security test for a client.

With Wordpress this also makes it a no-brainer as having Wordfence or iThemes is not the same as what this provides.

A small investment can save a huge expensive in both time and money if you get hacked, I highly recommend investing in Beagle Security for peace of mind.