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FreshLMS Coupon Code >Lifetime Access 90% Off Promo Deal

Introducing FreshLMS Coupon Code

FreshLMS is a platform that lets you create, customize, and sell your online courses, handling everything from landing pages to payment processing.

As soon as you’ve got your course materials ready to go, FreshLMS makes the rest easy.

Quickly upload and embed any video, audio file, or document in only a few clicks.

FreshLMS lets you embed videos from popular players like YouTube and Wistia, and organizing your course is fast and intuitive.

Add chapters, sections, and modules to break down your course into easily digestible sessions.

Easily upload audio, video, and documents to organize your course exactly how you like!
You’ll be able to customize the look of every aspect of your course to make it stand it out in the crowd.

Add your own personal touch to the landing page, enrollment page, login, and other aspects.

You’ll also get a custom domain for each course, giving you that professional credibility.

Of course, FreshLMS makes sure you get paid, too.

With a few steps, you can add Stripe and PayPal payment options to send the cash straight to your account.

FreshLMS doesn’t charge any payment fees either, so that’s more money in your pocket, every time.

Other integrations include HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Zapier, so you can increase your marketing outreach to all your new students.

The FreshLMS journey started as a small conversation I had with an emergency paramedic expert (a doctor) who wanted to train more doctors who wanted to change their profession to the field of air ambulance. He wanted to blend an online and offline model, so he wanted to create a course – Fellowship of Aviation Medicine and put it online.

He tried different platforms but was not very comfortable with any of them and reached out to me through a common friend.

This nobel thought of learning from anywhere put the seed in me to build an online learning platform which lets anyone create their own course and launch to the online world without knowing anything
about technology.

We did a lot of research and designed FreshLMS to be very user friendly and customizable for authors to build the course and provide a rich experience for members (students) who take the course.

FreshLMS empowers you to have your own learning platform to share knowledge by creating and selling courses.

You can earn money even when you sleep, Isn’t it wonderful.

We are working relentlessly to make a little positive impact in this world through FreshLMS and it really has been a satisfying journey up to this point.

YOU also have the power to change the world – Start creating your online courses now!!

This is straight from my heart on why I started FreshLMS

What a wild ride so far, and it’s only been less than two days. Your community is incredible and we appreciate all your great questions and feedback.

We want to have the utmost transparency with our platform and eliminate some pain points we have been hearing from you. We are now removing the limits on the domains as well.

So let me explain to you how it works.

There is the main domain which you can white label. Let’s say it is:

So all the enrollments and logins for this account will happen from this domain and can take the course inside.

As we said you can create unlimited courses and each course will have a sales landing page. We now let you even white label the landing pages of all the courses.

Ex: course 1 landing page can be on or and course 2 can be or

So now we do not have any limitations on the white labeling of the course landing page.

In short, through FreshLMS, you can onboard multiple authors and each author can have multiple courses and you can control everything from one login. The storage limits are at the account level, so each author’s account will have 10GB of storage.

If you need additional storage, we are offering an add on of $9 per month per account for unlimited videos. Note: You already have unlimited video embeds in this deal by default.

For additional storage, do reach out to us and we can add it up for you.

We will be updating shortly with some exciting announcements regarding some new features, integrations, and improvements of the product. Can’t wait to have you onboard FreshLMS and see how the product improves each day

Very Promising!

After being partially spoiled by Teachable, I didn’t have high expectations. Yet, the platform was a pleasant surprise. The user interface is clean, simplistic, no unnecessary stuff. Significant bonus points go to Rahul for being extremely helpful, and addressing many questions in real time via chat.

– Platform is new, but promising. It has some major advantages in some areas over teachable, such as the ability to create course catalogs, and having a better UI.
– Everything is unlimited (if you use external storage, and embed videos), except for the authors
– Many items have already been considered, and are added to the roadmap (coupons – an absolute must, multiple embeds/content types per lecture, etc.)
– Company owner/founder (Rahul) is patient, humble, and hardworking (was chatting with me at 2AM of his local time). I am hopeful that he will be able to address minor nuisances and add essential features in no time.

Areas for improvement/cons:
– For double code, 3 authors do not translate into 3 master domains, as the sign-ups will be performed via a master domain that is associated with a master account. This means that if I want to setup 3 business entities, they will need 3 codes
– Very few direct integrations.. the following would be amazing (Integromat, WishList Member, WooCommerce – for taxes calculation – see how has done it, Webhooks.. and all the rest can likely be accomplished using Integromat
– More translations would be great, but looks like they are already planned
– More customizations for the school landing page, for the course landing page, etc. This is a major annoyance with Teachable, where it can only be used for hosting of courses, rather than a proper landing pages
– Ability to redirect to an external URL upon various user actions. E.g., if the user has completed the payment, upon success, redirect them to a non FreshLMS page where there is an upsell
– Lack of clarity in the deal around what is meant by an author, and what can they do. Is it only based on the storage, or these are separate accounts of those who can publish courses under the overall school account?

June 18, 2020, 8:54 p.m.
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Digital Marketer and Coach

I have recently started creating my courses and going to publish my first course next week.

As a tech digital marketer, I have been associated with many tech tools and have been trying out many LMS in the last 2 weeks to chose my course enabler. Most of the tools are way too complex and loaded with features that had no use for me. I found FreshLMS very easy to adopt and consume. everything I needed was so easily available

Specific things I liked

1. I found the course creation and white label journey easy.
2. The quiz feature is really good. It can be used for both assessments as well as for lead generation.
3. Waiting to see the certification and gasification feature show up soon

Things missing and would love to see in future

LP templates to use

I am yet to test the scalability and video rendering capacity but all in all, looks a very decent product at that price point.

Umm… a good one

FreshLMS focuses only on online courses, not like a jack of all. The approach is similar to Teachable and Thinkific but has a long way to go.


The product is 1 year, 4 months old – domain age.

Seems like a promising product. But too early to say anything.

But if they take a lot of time to roll out new features, it’ll be a pretty hard journey for them.

👍 Whitelabel feature – especially helpful if you’re into the agency business
👍 Decent UI/UX
👍 Seems to have good inbuilt video hosting and speed
👍 Great value for money
👍 Only focused on courses – so seems to be good unlike Invanto which spreads thinly across many areas
👍 Have drip courses, more Zapier triggers/actions and integrations in their roadmap with no deadline – [](
👍 Presence of student course progress in reports

👎 Limited integrations – a BIG con as of now. (to counter this, I urge them to provide advanced webhook management similar to Teachable)
👎 Only 1 Zapier trigger options, that too when student logs in? But they are working on it though.
👎 Poor customization options with no “custom text” or custom CSS/themes
👎 Only one-time pricing no recurring pricing options
👎 Text-to-speech support videos. Seriously?
👎 Basic quizzing options to call it a competitor to Teachable or Thinkific
👎 When a student logs into your site, all free courses he has been enrolled in will display “free trial”…! Trial? Why?

As of now, it’s not at all an alternative to Teachable, Thinkific, or LearnDash.
I have mixed feelings about the future of FreshLMS Coupon Code.