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It will help you take your business online (doesn’t matter if you are an experienced entrepreneur or a beginner, or if you sell digital products or physical ones).
And if you are already selling your product/services online, you would be more than excited…
This new amazing platform is called ‘ZKart’
Just to give you a glimpse of what ZKart is and what you can do with it:
Create Beautiful Stores and sell your way.
Follow Up With Cart Abandoners
Split Test Your Way To Make More Profits
Integrate With Multiple Payment Gateways
Fully-Customized Checkout Pages
Automated Affiliate Management System
Bump Offers
One-Click Upsells
and much more…
With ZKart, you get 100% control over your online business, you sell your way, track everything and eventually make it through the roof with ease.
ZKart is an all-in-one cart platform designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Hope you found my last email exciting because I want to back it up with some more, awesome info for you.

ZKart is the most powerful online cart platform out there and it is going to go live in a few hours. No wonder it has been kept a secret for all this time. And now it is finally being released to a broader audience.

Wondering what the secret is all about?

Well, ZKart combines the best of many worlds:
An intuitive platform to create gobsmackingly beautiful online carts, pages and funnels
A powerful drag-n-drop page builder that make creating gorgeous carts and stores easy
An all-in-one business platform that lets you manage your entire online business
An Affiliate management system so your affiliates can do the selling for you.
An ad pixel management system so you can laser-focus your campaigns
And a lot more mind-blowing stuff

It is the most awesome way to take your business online, and if you already have a business up and running on the internet…

…you are going to love it EVEN MORE, as it is the most flexible way which gives you 100% control over your online business.

With the most advanced features to the basic ones, this aims to grow your business exponentially.

Do you have a business online?
You know it takes a lot of effort to have your business UP AND RUNNING. For every sale that your business gets, there’s a big process behind it.
A marketing team, graphics team, development team, a few processes are followed and that’s when you get a sale.
You drain all your physical, mental strength to get the dollar bills flowing into your bank account.
And if you are an entrepreneur who is just in the initial stage, you already know what it takes to get a buyer.
We get happy when we get sales, everyone loves money at last… but that’s not all.
Remember business is not just about making sales. It’s also about working on the ROI and making all the small tweaks to make sure you make the most out of it.
You are probably losing thousands of dollars while you are making sales…
Confused? Might look like a joke to you… but this is what happens.
Every time someone buys something from you, there’s a hidden cost involved which either you don’t know about or you don’t consider and that cost is TRANSACTION COST.
The transaction fee cut off a big slice from your profits.
Imagine you are making 1000 sales a month and every sale gives you $97, which means $97 and you are paying a 2% transaction fee (average transaction fee) on every sale you make, that’s $1,940. YOU ARE LOSING $1940 EVERY MONTH…
Can you imagine, you are losing your hard-earned money just to get your money transferred to you?
These were your pure profits which belonged to you, the result of your hard work, and I am sure you would not want to lose YOUR MONEY like this.
What if I tell you, you can save thousands of dollars?
What if I tell you about a system that doesn’t levy any transaction fee FOR REAL. No matter how many sales do you make.
What if I tell you, you can keep 100% of profits?

Your FAQs Answered – [ZKart]
You don’t want to miss this…
In my previous emails, I talked about ZKart, a truly Remarkable, Rev0lutionary, and Trendsetting all-in-One shopping cart platform to help you run your entire Business Online with Ease.

ZKart helps recognized and budding entrepreneurs to sell their products whether it’s Digital or Physical, increase ROI and motorize their Online Business.

And it is easy to use, which is a great advantage for those who are just starting out. It has many integrations and attractive templates for customization and there are also some advanced design tools for those who want to create unique user experiences for their customers.

Surprisingly, everything in one place And it’s now available at a low one-time pr!ce, for a LIMITED-TIME.
If you haven’t already, hurry and secure your license right away.

… And with EVERY incredible software, comes loads of questions…
So let me quickly answer some of the most asked questions!
Q: What is ZKart?
ZKart is an all-in-one shopping cart platform which delivers everything you need to create highly pr0fitable online carts with funnels and checkout pages in one easy to use tool.

Q. Can I sell physical products?
Yes! It designed to sell both kinds of products i.e Digital, and Physical (upgrade needed).

Q. Is it easy to use?
Yes! It’s been designed for everyone no matter the skill set. It comes with an easy to use drag & drop timeline editor, and page builder.

Q. Does ZKart handle affiliates?
Absolutely. Whether it is one affiliate or an entire army of them, ZKart let’s easily manage your affiliates, pay them, and grow your business.

Q. What payment processors do ZKart currently work with?
It integrates quickly and easily with Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net and allows you to integrate multiple accounts of each, as well as accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Q. Is it on a one time deal?
Yes! ZKart Coupon Code is at the one time deal as of now. But this offer is available for a limited time only.

Q. Is my purchase secure?
Yes! Your purchase is secured with a full 14 days 100% m0ney-back gu@rantee!

This really needs to be seen to see how special it really is, so click the link below and watch a full demo and check out all this amazing software can do for your business!