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Coupon Details

Warm Welcome Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Warm Welcome.

Make use of the special Warm Welcome coupon code above to access discount page and save 76% off your next purchase of Warm Welcome by DJ & Warm Welcome Team. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Warm Welcome Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Warm Welcome launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Warm Welcome Coupon Code

Introducing Warm Welcome Coupon Code

Warm Welcome lets you leverage personal video with business cards, site bubbles, and emails to build trust with your audience.

Business cards are the first thing to get lost in the shuffle of conferences and meet-and-greets.

Warm Welcome, praised by Shark Tank’s very own Mr. Wonderful, lets you send video business cards via a quick link to make sure you leave a lasting impression. (🎵Don’t you forget about me… 🎵)

People can even directly reply to your business card with an audio, text, or video message of their own to start a conversation and bring in new leads.

It’s an easy way to open a new avenue of communication, or help erase unflattering images of you spilling a martini on the hors d’oeuvres.

Video emails make your messages stand out from the inbox crowd.

You can send contacts a customized email complete with your brand and personal video, and add video signatures to your Gmail and Outlook for quick implementation.

It’s perfect for answering questions, sending congratulations, or just checking in with a company fave. (“Hey, Beyoncé! Loved your latest single. Dinner this Tuesday?”)

Plus, recipients can reply with their own video, audio, or text message for a more engaging conversation (instead of using exclamation points to try and show personality).

Warm Welcome makes sure you don’t leave people hanging when they hit “reply,” either.

Every message is automatically sorted into threaded conversations for easy tracking, so both of you can see the entire interaction in one place.

You can send messages of any type right from the thread, making every interaction smooth as can be.

You can’t miss this!

Easy set up and it works right off the bat.
I was just manual recording and setting up my video reach out (of the same concept), and then this offer popped up.
It definitely validated my direction, and even made things 10x easier.
Whether you are on B2B or B2C market, we are all on H2H – Human-to-Human.
And this tool makes reach-out and welcome exactly that.
The 2codes is definitely a no-brainer. Grab it while you can.
A potential product-buy of the year for me, and it’s only January. 😎😊😃

Already a favorite purchase of 2021

Over the past few months, I’ve been searching for new and better ways to personalize interactions with prospective or existing connections. So when I saw Warm Welcome appear, it was probably my fastest AppSumo purchase yet.

Setup was quick and easy, and the platform is beautifully designed. I’m still figuring out how it fits into my business workflows, and how it could potentially integrate with other tools I use (e.g., Gist, AwareNow, Continually, QuestionScout, Zoom.ai). But overall, I plan on using Warm Welcome on my website pages, my email signature, my LinkedIn messages … the possibilities are endless!

I’ve seen talk about building out more team functionality, which I’m very hopeful for. My wishlist includes:
* I have a small team, and I’d love to have each person be able to create videos and send them from their own email (and interact with their contacts using their own profile and email), so the idea of workspaces sounds perfect to keep everything separate between teammates.
* I’d love to place a bubble on our website either in place of a live chat widget and have leads routed to different people/teams depending on the lead’s needs, or to have Warm Welcome integrated with my live chat provider so I can have the best of both worlds.

Thanks for bringing Warm Welcome to AppSumo, and for updating your offering based on the feedback here!

100% happy with the 80%

For an early stage product this is pretty darn awesome. It seems well put together and logically thought out.

It all works and has some serious potential to be a real diamond of a deal. But let’s be real, 50gb is by no means unlimited – it equates to about 260 minutes of video (assume a stored video is the same size as a downloaded one). This means the number of users etc is limited by this on the 2 stack. Please can we have some transparent pricing above 50gb? Also, the ability to zip/download/export to gdrive etc a finished thread would be very helpful with storage.

The white labelling needs some serious work – add CNAME (with favicon), get rid of the ‘thanks for your reply’ email and add the ability to use your own email address not no-reply@warmwelcome and you’re close – I can live with the powered by branding at the bottom of the thread (but I’d rather not)

I’ve not embedded anything yet but I have used the email signature and created a few threads. All pretty straightforward and all actually works

The android app works well (don’t know about ios)

Integrations: chrome one is OK – it basically opens the converstions tab as a browser slide out. No idea what the gmail integration is supposed to do – it puts a big button under compose top left and adds an icon in the compose window – all it actually seems to do though is open the chrome extension sidebar, it does not send an email through the Gmail servers. Zapier integrations is basically in name only at the moment and the other 3 (intercom, vivi & contactually) are of no interest to me.

Overall it seems more geared to handling inbound initiated threads at the moment rather being an outbound solution right now

Thanks for coming to appsumo, I’ll be sticking with my two codes for the long haul

My Answered Prayers!

This software platform is something that I was hoping would be here some day. That day was yesterday!
Not only does Warm Welcome Compete with asynchronous Video platforms, it pushes past them by allowing me to reach out to my customers via video email.

I participate in public events and after getting this deal, I reached out to last weekends new customers with the video email. Every response was full of excitement. The email title alone that lets them know that a personal Video message is waiting for them created the curiosity and I supplied the connection.

I’m looking forward to this weekends events just so I can use this platform to reach out and make a personal connection with even more new customers!

5 tacos, No question

Red Hot Welcome

This is an easy 5 stars and if you are doing any kind of lead generation where you’d like to make that connection to transform an icy cold lead into a super nova hot lead without meeting them, which let’s face it isn’t going to happen any time soon then get this app.

I’ve investigated this for a long time and looked at other comparable apps. But this one wins hands down with the additional features you won’t find in them.

Lead generation to cold audiences can mean you get ghosted on calls or appointments. They do this, even though they booked it because they had no connection to you. This solves that.

With Warm Welcome Coupon Code I especially love that you can create a message to a specific person, then tack on a pre-recorded part so you don’t have to repeat yourself. Even better if you wear the same clothes every day!!