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Coupon Details

The New York Trader Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get The New York Trader .

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Introducing The New York Trader Coupon Code

The outcomes Matters.

The Cost of this EA is worth 100x on the off chance that it conveys the outcome you want.

The New York Merchant Master Consultant

The New York trader Coupon Discount Code  Master Consultant is intended to exchange the New York Open exchanging hours and is a full exchanging arrangement. It will assist you With opening Positions and set a trailing stop misfortune on your position.

In spite of the fact that we are still in Beta Dispatch, The New York Broker EA is completely utilitarian and is prepared for live exchanging. This Propelled EA is intended for MT4 exchanging stage and will work with any representative that underpins MT4.

Profit Disclaimer: Results indicated are not regular. To accomplish these outcomes require order, practice, and commitment. Contingent upon the individual broker, it might take many long periods of training to accomplish these outcomes. This isn’t a pyramid scheme.

New York Broker Backtest Results

An Astounding Beginning: Profoundly Noteworthy Two year Back Test outcomes

EUR/USD Backtest

Win Ratio:100%

return for money invested %: 53.76%

Drawdown: 19.73%

Snap here for the total Backtest Report

GBP/USD Backtest

Win Proportion: 97.50%

return for money invested: 86.23%

Drawdown: 30.53%

Snap here for the total Backtest Report

USD/computer aided design Backtest

Win Ratio:98.75%

return for money invested %: 25.63%

Drawdown: 21.48%

Snap here for the total Backtest Report

AUD/JPY Backtest

Win Proportion: 94.86%

return for capital invested: 41.93%

Drawdown: 24.13%

Snap here for the total Backtest Report

USD/CHF Backtest

Win Ratio:100%

return for capital invested %: 21.15%

Drawdown: 24.82%

Snap here for the total Backtest Report

NZD/USD Backtest​

Win Proportion: 94.86%

return for capital invested: 41.93%

Drawdown: 24.13%

Snap here for the total Backtest Report

The Exchanging Procedure

Order Mechanical Exchanging Rules Re-appropriated to Severe Calculation Programming

To begin with, this is a pattern exchanging framework. It exchanges inside the initial 4 hours of the New York Open. When there is a breakout, at that point the EA will get into position and a tight trailing stop misfortune, when activated, will cover the exchange.

No Martingale.

No Supporting.

No Matrix exchanging.

No Various Positions.

Just one position opened at once.

Exchange by following the pattern joined with taking benefit rapidly by setting tight trailing stops. Taking a gander at the exchange history above, you can see all the exchanges are left by means of stop misfortune. This implies there will be a few exchanges that will have upside benefit since we don’t set any Take Benefit Targets.

We are still in Beta Mode on the grounds that there is as yet 1 shortcoming in this framework. There are times when the trailing stop misfortune isn’t activated. At the point when it’s not activated, we don’t have a stop misfortune.

That is what we are really going after at this point. We are as yet dealing with various leave techniques and testing against authentic information to see which is the best exit so we can limit our hazard introduction significantly further. Until further notice, we will physically leave the exchange at whatever point there is generally speaking benefit.

We are currently in Live Demo Exchanging Mode!

What’s more, we are overwhelmed by the outcomes up until this point…

Here’s the part it gets intriguing… we began exchanging on a demo account utilizing $1000 and exchanging 6 unique matches together. This isn’t suggested on a Genuine Cash account. In any case, we are trying and we need to test this to perceive how far this will go.

Following 7 days of exchanging, we are up 21% on a $1000 account.

With negligible drawdown and 100% win proportion after 97 exchanges.

Snap here for the Full Exchanging Record

Side Note: At first, this EA was named as London Sunrise.

At that point we chose to exchange the New York Open.

Thus, the adjustment in name to The New York Merchant

We may have one that tweaked for London Open at some point sooner rather than later.

Exchanging Parameters

Upgraded for Exchanging…

With The New York Trader Coupon Code  you extremely just need to deal with the part estimating of your portfolio.

There are no different settings that you need to stress over as the exchanging rules are set and fixed.

It’s prescribed to begin with 0.01 for each $500 in the record.

We have just worked in an aggravating framework.

Beta Dispatch Cost (Extremely Extraordinary Cost)

Extremely Extraordinary Low Cost for Early Adopters…this is leaving soon…

These low costs will absolutely won’t be long.

At this very moment we are building a pleasant MyFxBook track record.

At the point when we have a reputation, the cost will assuredly increment.