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Sendley Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Sendley.

Make use of the special Sendley coupon code above to access discount page and save 15% off your next purchase of Sendley Coupon Discount Code by Ankit Mehta. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Sendley Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Sendley launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Sendley Coupon Code

Introducing Of Sendley Coupon Code

Send Unlimited Messages to Unlimited Leads with the Most Advanced Autoresponder and Get 300% More Opening and Clicks Without Paying Any Monthly Fees Ever!
Emails + Messenger + SMS
Clouse Based | No domain | No Hosting | Nothing to Install | 100% Control on Your Business

Send Unlimited emails
Unlimited Subscribers
Create Unlimited Messenger Bots
Send Sms Worldwide
Book Appointment, Collect Orders, And More
Upload Contacts And Send Email/Sms
Send Messenger Broadcasts In 1-click
Auto Reply To Comments Or Send A Private Message
Get 3x More Open And Click Rates
Commercial License to create Campaigns for clients and charge them monthly or one time

“My sales increased massively with higher open & clicks rates due to the amazing 3-in-1 platform of Sendley. Within minutes, I was able to sync my current contacts to quickly create chatbots to send replies, emails & SMS messages all automatically by either scheduling or blasting at once. Sendley allowed me to generate more leads from post comments providing more engagement on my social media posts & promotions…”

“If you are seeking a proven & trusted platform to quickly blast your offers across social media or to build your email list, then I highly recommend that you get access to Sendley today!”
– Aimee Payne-Montalvo

Sendley is the Last Email/Messenger/SMS Autoresponder
You Will Need
Generate Qualified
Genenerate new emails and SMS leads or build messenger subscribers, with sendley you can craete all these by just one time setup.
Send Personalized
Send messages and emails with user’s name, email, place or even birthday, just select from predefined tags or craete your custom tag and use it.
Collect orders, Book Appointments
Accept orders right through messenger or SMS with complete inventory and details reports, all under one central dashboard
Collect email, phone
numbers and more
Use bots to collect phone numbers and emails and more additional info you want to convert the maximum visitors.
Send Unlimited
We do not charge your for your success, send unlimited emails without any limit on number of emails daily or monthly.
Answer Support
Use the most engaging chat platform to provide support to your custoemrs, answer presale questions, send quotes and close more clients.
Recover Lost
Add the bots to your site or plugin integration to send message to visitors who abandoned the cart and get 150% more sales.
Send SMS
Connect your favorite SMS API and send messages worldwide. Sendley effectively manages all the phone leads, sort them according to country and locale.
Sync Previous
In one click, sendley will sync all your previous subscribers from previous chat platforms and messenger inbox and import in your new dashboard.
Import Leads
via CSV
Upload your existing leads and phone numbers inside dashboard and send broadcast to them without any approval process.
Share news
and updates
Send or schedule news and updates to your subscribers witht non-promotional broadcasts and increase engagement and brand reputation.
Reply to comments
Automaticaly reply comments on your pages and post by keyword filer or turn all the people commenting on your page into messenger leads to send message later
Managing all this on your own is not easy
Your competition is aiming for the same audience
Every online or local business is building a websits, social media page right now and the competition is going cut-throat. Getting the right arrows in your quiver is really essential
Monthly Recurring fee
Single Email autoresponder charges $100-500 per month for sending simple emails, and Expending your reach on 3 plaform with different tools is going to be really costly
Generating new leads is tedious
You have been waiting for you landing page to convert and collect email leads. You need really leads that not just only opens your messages but buys from you
Coding and all the techy stuff
Any entrepreneur or seasoned marketer doesnt want to get their hands dirty by messing into bulky codes for a simple task done and depending on developers who always fail to deliver on time
Promotions are not so easy
It’s not easy to send promotional messages on popular platforms, it goes to compliance, then delivery team and they slice every thick meat out of your promotional message
Doesn’t go hand in hands
What’s point of paying to platform that doesnt talk to each other. Your emails autoresponder should be aware about the leads coming in so the system can send them converting message… right!
High Learning curve
Nobody want to go through 10s of videos on how to start using a system, understand the nitty gritty of the complicates systems and than finally setting a basic campaign and waiting for profits.. forever
The Ban hammer
Oh yeah! what if one of these platform dont like your message or your headline or cant see you getting success, they will simply ban your account, having you locked out of your account without any specific

Create a messenger based lead funnel for your ecomm business
Step 1: Ask visitors a question
(for eg. Send questions like “See if you qualify” or “Are you interested!”)

Step 2: Offer valuable content right away
(for eg. Here’s what most people want to see when coming to our site)

Step 3: Step 3: Collect the most sensitive information last and close
(Ask for emails or phone numbers in last and then close on another channel.)

Send Customers holiday invites, pre-order invites, invites to live runway shows, notifications to browse for gifts, and more.

Now, the brand chatbot is more sophisticated as it can automatically connect customers to a customer service representative. You can also use it as a store locator or to find one of the brand’s consultants.

Just by integrating their messenger bot into their marketing strategy, the brand has been able to build trust, loyalty, ad in-store conversions, and engagement.
Publishing articles is not the only thing a blogger needs to do, you could be making podcasts, collaborating with other blogs, doing affiliate marketing, a lot more.

1. Use the first notification to tell your story
2. Share your blog’s latest content
3. Plug in your RSS
4. Launch your ebooks
5. Share your online courses
6. Introduce your readers to your affiliate
7. Invite subscription to your exclusive content
8. Ask for feedback
9. Build email subscribers

Real Estate
Smart Messaging and Reminders of visits or needed checkups with confirmations or re-scheduling, special offer checkup, status

Step #1. The bot is linked with a Facebook ad. When a person clicks on the ad’s CTA button, our bot sends them a welcome message.

Step #2. Once the user clicks either of the buttons, it will trigger the next step and the bot will start nurturing the lead with information about the apartment + understanding what are the needs of the lead.

Step #3. After getting a basic understanding of the user’s preferences and making sure they’re interested in the apartments, it’s time to get that lead and put him in touch
Restaurants and Cafes
A few goals that fast casual food establishments can include

1. Automating / Streamlining Take-out and Delivery Orders
2. Collect orders
3. Send Coupons
4. Send Festival invites
5. Rating and feedback
6. Increase Events booking
7. Personal recommendations
8. Turn customers into advocates
How you can efficiently implement messaging app customer service

Before Vacation
– Travel consultation via messaging apps
– Send booking confirmation directly
– Virtual travel assistants to help with pre-trip questions

During Vacation
-Inspiration via chat – with chatbot support
-Send exclusive opportunities

After Vacation
-Cross-selling and up-selling with personal consultation

Sendley Coupon Code is a new SaaS combining the powers of Email-, FB-Messenger-, and SMS- marketing. The integration with all the Well-known SMTP-platforms (as well as your own) and SMS-providers (not only Twilio) guarantees high delivery rates at the lowest possible cost. The FB messenger bot allows for detailed customization and hands-free automation of your chat interactions. There is also a real reseller upgrade if you want to provide your clients with their own access. I know that the members in IM Buyers Club will love this.