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Coupon Details

SendFox Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get SendFox Lifetime Deal.

Make use of the special SendFox coupon code above to access discount page and save 80% off your next purchase of SendFox by David & sendfox’s Team. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your SendFox Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since SendFox launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

SendFox Coupon Code 2020 > 80% Off Promo Deal

Introducing SendFox Coupon Code

Email marketing is expensive—especially for content creators without the budget of a big company (It’s an email, what could it cost, $10? – Lucille Bluth).

With SendFox, you can create, schedule, and automate unlimited customized emails, without breaking the bank.

Specifically for content creators, SendFox is taking a different approach to product features (see: SendFox is not AWeber, Mailchimp, etc. and will not have 100% feature parity).

SendFox Coupon Discount Code combines automation and customization to help you create simple, beautiful, and effective emails.

Automatically draft emails with SendFox’s integrated RSS feed functionality so your fans will know as soon as new content is published.

This feature is great for podcasters and YouTubers who regularly release new episodes and helps you keep eager followers happy.

As a content creator, your brand is *everything*.

Use the simple WSYWIG editor to customize the font, colors, formatting, and links in your emails to make sure you’re always #onbrand.

Don’t have a full email marketing plan (or a plan at all)? No problem.

Create custom, branded landing pages to promote on your social bios or in your email signature to get your name and content out there (rate, review, and subscribe!).

Already have a subscriber base?

Easily upload your list of existing contacts and subscribers to SendFox and start creating and sending emails in minutes.
Use SendFox to turn followers into loyal fans and leads into customers.

Once you have email subscribers, create an automated welcome email program to push people to popular content and drive subscriptions to your channels.

If you want to send a series of emails based on clicks and opens, you can do that, too!

With SendFox’s built-in scheduling and automation capabilities, just set it up and let it run.

Using a simple, clean email interface you can see all your emails, automations, contacts, and high-level performance numbers and details at a glance.

You create great content, let SendFox do the rest.

Designed specifically for content creators, SendFox helps you cover all the important marketing bases from forms and CRM to email campaigns and integrations.

Build simple, branded emails and landing pages to grow your business and easily track performance all in one easy-to-use platform.

From Manager of SendFox

David here, the General Manager of SendFox. We’re so excited to welcome you to our better, more affordable email marketing tool. Yay!

We built SendFox for ourselves — as content creators, we were sick of paying outrageous fees to send a few emails a month on other email marketing tools. After we started using SendFox ourselves, we shared it with a few friends… and it snowballed from there.

Today, we’re ultra-focused on content creators. If you’re a blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, or other content creator — we think you’ll LOVE SendFox. And with a 60-day refund guarantee from AppSumo, there’s no risk to try it for yourself.

Here are the answers to the most common questions we’ve been asked…

“Can you integrate with this other tool I use?” We have direct integration with and KingSumo (our sister companies). We also have API, Zapier, and POST HTML code to integrate with literally thousands of other tools indirectly. Here’s a video on how a customer was able to integrate SendFox with their lead form tool:

“Do you have double opt-in?” At this time, no. We focus on “backend” cleaning, allowing you to remove 6-month inactive subscribers. This is what we personally use over double opt-in for our lists because it has a similar effect of removing inactive subscribers… but it also retains more good subscribers than double opt-in. Bottom-line is, we think this is a better strategy.

“Do you allow affiliate marketing?” No. We actively ban affiliate marketers and spammers who use our tool on cold, scraped, or purchased lists. We’re designed specifically for content creators to share THEIR content. We encourage everyone to visit our terms ( before using our tool.

“Can I use multiple senders under one account?” Yes, absolutely. You can set different reply-to email addresses and names for every list, or automation. We have lots of agencies and consultants using a single SendFox for multiple brands. The only thing that’s set once per account is the CAN-SPAM address in the footer. But since most customers use a P.O. Box, it’s usually not an issue.

From Real User Reviews

Perfect for the Content Marketing Approach

This is a great tool for content marketers. I probably would have passed on this deal had it not been for this video:

I’ve been testing various email marketing solutions for the past 18-years. They all seem to have their pros and cons. That said, the hardest thing about email marketing is (#1) getting started. And then, (#2) being consistent after you’ve finally started.

There are a bunch of issues most people face. For example, what should the landing page look like? Or, what should I say in my “welcome” sequence? Those two questions alone can result in months of thinking and planning.

While all that’s happening, as a content creator, you could be blogging, making videos, podcasts, etc. The problem is, nothing is really tied together. All your best content is in your post, video, podcast, etc. Do you basically say the same thing in your outgoing emails as you’re saying in your other content?

SendFox is a great fit to tie finally tie all your loose ends together. It gives you a simple landing page void of distractions. Simple always converts better, there’s no getting away from it. It also provides you with your initial “welcome” sequence emails. Between those two things, you can now do in a single sitting what might otherwise take months to finish with the “staring at the blank screen” approach.

If you already have a WordPress site and content, you can connect the RSS feed (usually and you can pull in your content without any problems. The formatting is clean and looks great, too. You’re basically building out a newsletter which in turn becomes part of your content marketing blueprint.

Again, if you have a WordPress site already, you can create a page for new subscribers ( and then use a plugin like Pretty Links (the free version) to forward people to your SendFox landing page.

I know… it’s easy to have a thousand questions like, “What about this or that?” There are a lot of different scenarios that can pass through your mind when it comes to email marketing. The point is, getting started can be deceivingly difficult. It all looks simple on paper… and then you start to set things up and that’s when the problems start.

With SendFox, you really can get off to a great start quickly! Again, check out the video link above and follow along. You can always go back and tweak things later (maybe add your logo, etc.). Personally, I like this approach to building a list better. I’d rather send links to my best content and build my list that way instead of trying to create an ebook, mini-course or another type of “download.” That can take months to create (and then you cross your fingers and hope people like it).

It’s easier to link to your best content that’s already out there (and proven) and start connecting with people that way. At least, that’s how I see it now after years of testing different methods. Anyway, I hope this helps!

Remarkably Simple

I’ll preface this by saying I am remarkably unskilled when it comes to technology. That being said I have found SendFox crazy easy to work with so far. I’m an author, and I just want to be able to send my newsletter once a month. Easy peasy. I had zero problems setting up with my domain, creating a landing page, and importing my contacts from MailChimp.

My subscriber list isn’t terribly long yet, but I stacked a few codes anyways, and thanks to this lifetime deal I am set for getting my newsletter out to my readers for a long, long time.

SendFox Coupon Code is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that lets you compose and send unlimited customized emails.