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QuickReviewer Coupon Code > 84% Off Promo Deal

Introducing QuickReviewer Coupon Code

QuickReviewer is an online proofing software that enables creative teams to get faster reviews and approvals on videos, PDFs, HTML, and images.

With QuickReviewer, you can get quick and organized feedback on your creative projects without having to hunt down multiple emails or files.

To get started, just upload your file to QuickReviewer and share it with reviewers through email.

The review window lets you add comments, highlight text, zoom in and out, compare previous versions, and see all comments by user or page with each user color-coded for easy distinction.

Everyone who reviews the project can see each other’s comments and reply to them, helping you eliminate conflicting feedback.

Say goodbye to flipping back and forth between versions of a creative project.

QuickReviewer makes it easy to compare different versions or revisions with side-by-side views.

You can lock video timelines or PDF scrolls and ensure that both versions are perfectly in sync as you review.

With the side-by-side view, you can be sure you’ve addressed all feedback and made all the requested changes.

Mobile-responsive design is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a must-have.

And QuickReviewer makes reviewing mobile design a breeze, allowing you to review HTML banners and responsive web pages in mobile view.

See how the design looks on a variety of different device screens, and leave or receive feedback on the design.

Speaking of effective mobile design… QuickReviewer offers a mobile responsive user interface that allows you to review and approve files right from your mobile device!

And because we’re all design nuts here, the ability to white-label the platform is a major plus.

You can white-label QuickReviewer with your logo, personalized email templates, and custom SMTP, so that reviewers get platform notifications from someone they know.

By making the platform match your branding, you can create a seamless experience for reviewers tailored to your business.

We launched QuickReviewer in 2016 when a group of us marketeers (or marketers) realized that it was a nightmare for the design team to decode our requests. So we got everyone to send comments to a single reviewer, who would first collate all the comments, take screenshots of the creatives, mark them up in PPT, get clarifications from the other reviewers and then send a consolidated email to the design agency. Very often, comments were unclear and would conflict. Tracking emails or the latest version of the creative was always a problem. It was a time consuming and basically drove everyone nuts!

That’s when the idea of an online reviewing platform came about, where designers would be able to upload creatives, and reviewers could mark comments directly on them in a web browser. And so, QuickReviewer was born!

QuickReviewer is packed with all the features you need to review images, videos, pdfs, emailers, banner ads or even complete html websites.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to reduce the review-cycle madness and never pay for a renewal again!

Q. Are web URLs going available for AppSumo?

We’re excited to include Web URLs in some of the lifetime plans. Code 2 will receive 5 URLs, code 3 will receive 10 URLs

Q. How much is more storage?

100 GB will be at a discounted rated of $179 per year

Q. What is on the roadmap?

Here’s what’s coming next….
– Weblinks (URL) proofing
– Audio Files proofing
– Custom CNAME
– Increased file size restriction to 250MB soon and over the course of 2020, increasing file size restriction to 1GB or more

Cloud-based review system

As a technical writer, I need my documents peer reviewed before they are released to the public. I think in using QR, that I’ll be able to do that, quickly and efficiently. I like the fact that QR is cloud-based, and that any number of reviewers can review. Also the fact that different types of media (PDF, images, video) can be reviewed. Overall, I’m anxious to use QR for professional and personal use.


This is great thanks guys. I’ve been waiting for something like this to come to AppSumo for a long time.

It took me a minute to figure out the double-click/right click GUI and how shared Workspace folders work but once I got the hang of it I realized how feature rich it is. It does ALMOST everything my team needs

What Filestage.io has that QuickReviewer is missing:
1. Draw on image
2. Comment with an attachment (Lots of times we need to comment by showing an example image)

Almost perfect

I’m a wedding a portrait photographer and this is something that I’ve wanted to see for ages on the LTD scene. I’m looking to use this for album proofing and wall mockups for my clients.

I’d love to see a slight change to really make it work. When placing multiple images in a folder, I feel like there needs to be the ability to easily flip from one image to the next, like a slideshow. Intuitively, it’s a better solution than loading 1 image, commenting, closing and moving to the next.

I’d love to see and follow a roadmap or community feedback group on this.

Thanks for bringing QuickReviewer Coupon Code to the AS community. It’s a great tool for sure.