50% Off My Super Affiliate Builder Coupon & Promo Code 2021

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Coupon Details

My Super Affiliate Builder Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get My Super Affiliate Builder.

Make use of the special My Super Affiliate Builder coupon code above to access discount page and save 50% off your next purchase of My Super Affiliate Builder by Chris Fox. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your My Super Affiliate Builder Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since My Super Affiliate Builder launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

My Super Affiliate Builder Coupon

Introducing My Super Affiliate Builder Coupon Code


Select your industry(s) you want to become Super Affiliate In


Get 1000’s of High Quality Leads ($0.02 cents) at Record pace


Build Your Super Affiliate Secret Weapon in 3 ‘Point’ n Click’ Easy Steps

My Super Affiliate Builder Is My #1 Secret Weapon In Achieving Record Breaking Conversions – Jam packed with all the features you will ever need – Can’t recommend it highly enough!”
Are you struggling to get high quality traffic, leads and sales? Have you tried and failed multiple times before and are left thinking?

Why Does “Everybody Else” Make It Look So Dang Easy Yet I Keep Failing?

Well I’m going to tell you the EXACT reason on this very page. And end all your frustrations once and for all.

Let me tell YOU…

Once you discover it , this could truly be your “Ah Ha” moment where all the pieces fall into place and start making sense

How to Become A Super Affiliate The EASY Way

Super Affiliate Quizzes Are The Secret Weapon You Have Been Missing
Keeps your account open

Big advertisers LOVE engaging fun quizzes and reward you with more engagement on your ads, super cheap cost per clicks and highly targeted traffic

Super Cheap Targeted $0.02 Cent Traffic

Ultra high engagement using Super Affiliate quizzes results in super cheap clicks

Build Amazing ‘Point n Click’ Super Affiliate surveys using our 1-2-3 System
Drive Ultra Cheap Traffic, Leads & Sales and dominate as an affiliate in multiple industries
Keep Your Ad Accounts in Good Standing – for giving the customer a great experience YOU are rewarded with ultra cheap traffic
Nuclear Affiliate – Why we include this question in our quiz to instantly boost conversions 247%
Interactive Affiliate – a NEW way of marketing to get your prospect to tell you their type (beginner to expert) and give them what they want
Build Massive Trust – When your prospect sees you care by giving them what they ask for instead of getting “blanket emailing” them like 99% of the market do, trust levels in you will soar

Find Your PERFECT Client – Within 4 steps find out your prospects age, dependants body shape much more
Body Type – By discovering your clients body type you can instantly tailor the plan to them and automatically send them to the right package.
Target Goals – Are they looking to pack muscle on or shred body fat? Now you can discover within seconds

Local Marketing Ninja – Generate Red Hot qualified prospects using this winning quiz in any offline local market
Ultimate Attraction Marketing – Imagine prospects tell you exactly how much money they have and what they want to spend money on.
Sell Themselves- Using this proven Local Quiz prospects automatically convince themselves to invest in your service
5 Question Mastery – Within 90 seconds of using this ‘5 part quiz’ you will be able to weed out the tire kickers from the serious punters who spend $5,000+
Ultimate Profits – the one question that will tell you when a prospect is willing to invest 5 figures with you.
Hyper Conversion – The thank you landing page we use that makes prospects virtually bang your door down to ensure they get in
Azon Magic – Selling on Amazon? This is a must use survey to help give your prospects what they want
Ecom 212% Converter – Why this proven template converts more ecom products than any other
Re Direct Fire Power – Deliver your prospect the exact product and even size/quantity they want based on their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions
• How does it install?

You upload the plugin to your self-hosted WordPress. Activate your license and then begin to build out your optimize quiz funnels

• Can I have unlimited funnels?

Yes as part of the pro-level package you can build UNLIMITED super affiliate survey funnels

• What Does It Integrate With?

Awesome news. We plug into Zapier which allows you to integrated with 1000’s of other platforms. This helps you build out HYPER targeted lists and audience from your Quiz funnels

• Does It Work With Ads?

Yes, it is a perfect funnel to run ads through. Not only that you can build out custom audiences based on the options someone picks through the quiz. Yes, you heard right, you can build audiences based on every answer they give to deliver the EXACT product that matches your prospect need.

• Can I use it with my auto responder?

Yes we directly integrate with Aweber, Active Campaign , Get Response & Mail Chimp. If you using a different auto responder you can simply ‘1 click’ export your data and import to any other mailing service you want

• Why does using My Super Affiliate Builder get such cheap traffic and keep your accounts open?

For a few reasons – Because you are giving the big ad companies EXACTLY what they want!

When you give users a better experience, they respond better to your ad , gives you more likes, comments and shares. This lowers you ad cost , boost engagement and in turn you get reward.

Plus by giving segmenting users, depending on how they answer your questions means you can give My Super Affiliate Builder Coupon Code the PERFECT offer most suited to them that could result in 547% Returns On Ad Spend.