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Coupon Details

Kuicklist V2 Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Kuicklist V2 .

Make use of the special Kuicklist V2 coupon code above to access discount page and save $10 off your next purchase of Kuicklist V2 by Karl “The SharK” Schuckert. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Kuicklist V2 Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Kuicklist V2 launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Kuicklist V2 Coupon Code

Introducing Kuicklist V2 Coupon Code

Comes with self-hosting, Iframe embedding, and WP plugin
Fully customizable Checklist Design
Mobile Responsive Checklists
Pre-defined Checklists templates for a quick start
Landing Page builder with customization options
Landing Pages with eye-catching designs
Multiple landing Page Templates with Fully customizable Options
Customizable Opt-in Form settings
Downloadable Leads in CSV format
Optin-form / lead capture / Smart login once someone opts-in
Clone Checklist option
Multiple Publishing Options: With Kuicklist
Your Landing Page
Download HTML
Wordpress Plugin
Embedded Checklist
Progress Trackable Checklists for your users to track their progress across the channels
Option to give FREE Access to your Checklist as a giveaway without opt-in
Autoresponder Integrations:
Facebook Pixel Code Supported
GTM Pixel
3rd Party Pixel
Video on the landing page. Video on the checklist YouTube Vimeo and Video Code.
SegMate Messenger Lead gate with Checkboxes and Send to Messenger Buttons…

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the saying that
‘the money is in the list’.

Heck, It’s been regurgitated so much that it’s almost
like an echo or steroids.

Anyhoo…that statement isn’t entirely true.

See, it’s not that the money is in the list, but in the

I mean, who cares about being on your list
if they never open your emails?

And that’s why you can’t half-step when it
comes to giving away a lead magnet that wows
and trains your subscribers to open your emails
because they see that you offer true value.

So how can you do that exactly?

Checklists. Well, not any ol’ checklists, but

The kind that keep your audience engaged and
have them flocking to sign up for your list like a
bunch of 12 year old girls going to their first
Taylor Swift concert.

And the tool that can help you do all of it
in a jiffy?

Kuicklist is the first tool of its kind that combines
the power of interactive checklist with lead magnet

You’ll be amazed at how traffic can’t resists these
types of lead magnets. It’s like the mouse that
just has to have the cheese.

Best of all, Kuicklist is simple to use so there’s
no huge learning curve for those who aren’t as
technically savvy, but want to start building their
own profitable and responsive lists too.

So how can you start using these interactive
checklists for your business and lists?


You’ll need to act fast however.

Kuicklist is in the special launch phase and the
price is rising with every moment.

Well…maybe you have seen them, but don’t notice
them as much anymore.

And I for one don’t blame you. They’ve been used
and abused for so long that people are becoming
blind to them.

What am I referring to?

Bland lead magnets.

You know the ones right?

Some dude or dudette pops up a landing page with
the two step thingy while offering you some crappy
‘gift’ just so they can get you on the list and sell
you something.

With the above being true (which we both know it
is), is it any wonder why it’s getting harder for
people to build a responsive list?

When you tap that link above, you’ll be taken to
a brand new software known as Kuicklist.

Kuicklist has just hit the market and it’s going
to change the way you create lead magnets.

See, Kuicklist doesn’t just put up an ebook
from some plr site that’s been handed out
and ‘rebranded’ a thousand times.

Nope. You’ll have people signing up for your
list left and right because Kuicklist lets you create
interactive checklists that actually help people.

These lists are so attractive that getting on your
list will be a no brainer.

Plus, these lists don’t take any time to create
inside your Kuicklist account. And since it’s
interactive, you’ll have your web traffic fully
engaged which will increase the responsiveness
of your promotions!

There hasn’t been a tool yet that has combined
all the elements that Kuicklist has and right now
it’s available for an EXTREME discount.

So if you want to tap into the ‘new way’ of creating
lead magnets that attract subscribers like bees
to honey,

It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make
for your online marketing career and your

Fully Customizable Checklist Design
Kuicklist will give you multiple sections per checklist that you can use to wow your subscribers and visitors.

Everything you need to dazzle your audience is already included.

Just click a section to edit and you can make checklists until your heart’s content. Choose your colors, add sections, and more.

All Your Checklists Are Mobile Responsive
Because you’ll have multiple ways you can share your checklists, we’ve made sure that every single one is mobile responsive.

Doesn’t matter if it’s being viewed on a computer monitor or a mobile phone.

Your checklists will show correctly every single time.

Quickstart Checklists To Remove The Guesswork
Hey, we get it. Even as awesome as Kuicklist is… you still might need a little inspiration to get you going.

That’s why when you create your checklist, they will be filled with predefined templates to help you get off to a running start.

Just click, edit, save, and you’ve got a checklist ready for the masses.

Self Hosting For All Your Checklists Are Included
Don’t bother with trying to figure out how to display your Kuicklist checklists.

We’ve got you 100% covered.

Every list you ever create will be stored and displayed on our lightning fast servers so you can focus on building your business and getting leads.

Iframe Embedding Lets You Put Your Checklists Where You Want
Maybe there’s a place online that you want to display your checklist that allows for html code?

This option is perfect because you tap into multiple sources of traffic by using an iframe embed anywhere online that allows for it.

Also great if you have other content that aren’t named Wordpress.

Speaking of Wordpress, there was no way we could not have an option for this.

So we’ve created our own plugin that lets you serve up any checklist you want inside your Kuicklist account.

Just download Kuicklist V2 Coupon Code and install the plugin, select where you want to show your checklist on your Wordpress site and voila!

You’ve got an instant page or post ready to capture tons of leads.