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Ideanote Coupon Code > Lifetime Access 98% Off Promo Deal

Introducing Ideanote Coupon Code

Ideanote is an all-in-one innovation platform that empowers your team to capture, develop, and prioritize your best business ideas.

As a central hub for innovation, Ideanote gives you access to your own branded workspace, so you can collect ideas, engage the right people, and measure impact.

First, launch an idea collection centered around a question or pain point. For example: How can we make our Monday marketing meetings more effective?

If you don’t know where to start, Ideanote offers a collection of 100+ templates designed to spark conversation around your product, process, or project.

Invite the relevant people (in this case, the marketing department) via email or an access link to comment, ask more questions, or submit their own ideas.

Each member gets their own profile to manage ideas, view progress, and customize settings.

Break free from the struggles of separate spreadsheets. Ideanote delivers instant insights into content trends, teams, and contributors.

Visualize engagement, measure how your team is performing, and identify top innovators. That way, you can celebrate your successes, innovate smarter, and scale faster.

You’ll be able to export your data how you want (as a spreadsheet or in Google Sheets), and as often as you want—monthly, weekly, or daily.

Sort and filter your entire history to find exactly what you’re looking for, without having to spend hours searching.

What an exciting launch!
It’s been a pleasure chatting with the community and based on your feedback we’ve got big news already:

✔️ We’ve extended our plans with Unlimited Guests, for more open external collaboration.
✔️ We’ve doubled the available Team Folders so with 10 Codes you’ll be able to have up to 32 of them for maximum structure.

❓Question: Wouldn’t external idea collection quickly go beyond the Member limit?
✔️Answer: Fear not! If you’re collecting ideas via a shareable link or an embedded mission people will submit ideas with guest accounts. These Guest accounts do NOT count to your total member limit.

❓ Question: What’s the difference between a Member and a Guest?
✔️Answer: When you share a mission with the option “Everyone on your Workspace” this only includes Members, not Guests.

❓ Question: I stacked 3 codes but I can only see 40 members instead of 60?
✔️Answer: Don’t worry, you get what you paid for. You start off with 20. What you can see in the interface is that you have an additional +40. We’ll make our UI more clear going forward.

❓ Question: Does white-labeling include the option for a custom subdomain?
✔️Answer: Yes. If you want to host your subdomain on e.g. you’ll be able to do that. We know how important branding can be for agencies.

More questions?
We’ve are building a nifty AppSumo FAQ for all the Sumolings at

Keep on making ideas matter,

Where have you been all my life?

I have a budding community where i keep asking members to submit ideas by filling a form. For the most part, that has been working for the last two years but my greatest challenge has been with tracking and communicating what we are doing with the ideas that come in. We are already very busy with a lot of things hence tracking ideas and communicating what’s happening to them is one more layer that we’ve been struggling with. That’s the community! Internally, our ideas are all over the place – email, sticky-notes on office walls, some make it to project tasks and some die a natural death. Why? We are human so we forget!

Not anymore!!! Thank you so much for this beautiful tool!

I am hopeful that we can however find a way to get out our community members to use it and get authenticated without creating yet another account. Get what I mean?

Overall, ideanote is worth every dime. Great solution to a common problem! Buy it and use it now before you lose track of that million-dollar idea!

Groundbreaking tool for Community Organizations

This tool will revolutionize team building, idea development and decision-making in our community organization. We have already begun to give a voice to people in our organization who had brilliant ideas but no clear way to share them. Being forced to build community online during a pandemic, opened our community to many new ways to interact with each other. Idea Note is the central platform that is allowing us to find our way. We already have several ideas in development and they are all brilliant.

Morten patiently led our Advisory Council through a tour. We are not young and technology can be challenging. It was clear to everyone that this is a company with heart. Thank you so much Morten! This is one of the most remarkable deals I have come across on AppSumo. Don’t miss out on this one even if you don’t know how you might use it in your business. It is that remarkable.

Great tool for innovation

I’m really liking Ideanote so far, one of my favorite deals in a while. Fits a need I’ve had with multiple clients, perfectly. Amazing tool for innovation which is always welcome. I found it also is a great fit if your brainstorming and prioritizing ideas using a typical growth hacker ICE system already.

The UI is beautiful and I found it to perform really well. The customization options are great. I grabbed a stack with full analytics and a single other code and will probably grab a few more before it’s over.

Not a big deal, but I find the “Dashboard” tab a bit confusing. I’d expect there to be maybe quick links to recent missions and things like that, but it’s just appears to be all recent activity. But I find the masonry grid structure for activity on multiple levels (missions, ideas etc) to be really hard to follow. The missions tab is closer to what I’d expect to be called the “Dashboard” with a recent activity section below it or something.

I’d also love to see a more powerful User Management section that gives a bit more info on each user and what they can see etc.

Overall, great tool if you and your team (or customers) are brainstorming ideas. The work flow is also perfect for me in terms of ideas > ranking > action. Even if there were no updates, it’s a really solid product already.

Good Already, Lots of Potential 🙂

I’ve practiced a lot of Design Thinking, both from the participation side and the teaching side. Ideaonote is a good fit for that. It’s also a terrific fit for sprint retrospectives.

I like the UI a lot. It’s pretty configurable, so you can do a good job of making it fit your brand. You can define all your colors, select border line weights, and even select border-radius. For me, the inclusion of Adobe Fonts would really round out the experience. I’ll submit a feature request for that.

Adding ideas is easy. The ability to vote on them is awesome, another reason Ideanote makes for a great Sprint retro tool. I’m looking forward to future integrations. I’d love to get Jira and Ora. The ability to add an Ideanote idea to the backlog and link status values would be awesome. That’d save teams from copying Ideanote ideas into the tool they use to do their work.

As for Design Thinking, there’s one little thing that I REALLY LIKE A LOT. When a guest or ream member clicks on an idea, they see, “How might this idea be improved?” That does two very important things:
1. When a user selects an idea because they want to see if it’s the same one they’re thinking of, this prompts the user to expand upon the existing idea, rather than create a new one. That’s a bid detail if you’re collecting lots of ideas.
2. “How might this idea be improved?” shifts the context from a contradiction (instead-of) to a growth mindset. It prompts the user to expand on what’s already there; to make it better. You get more structure around ideas, and it happens without some people making others feel bad about themselves.

Ideanote is great for capturing customer feedback. People can have at it without hitting your dev tool directly. I haven’t received a lot of ideas yet, but I have set up a mission and created ideas. Ideanote is pretty easy to use.

Right now, in addition to Adobe font support, even before integrations, my big want is to hide missions from public view. When I share a link to one missions, I don’t want the people receiving that link to see other missions. This isn’t a knock on Ideanote Coupon Code. The app is new. It’s more than a great MVP. Feature development takes time. I’m prepared to wait.

Good stuff.