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ForumLinkRobot Coupon Code

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A new site ranking software called
‘ForumLinkRobot’ is ready to hit the
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With this software you can build 100+
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The process is really simple:

1) Log in to your ForumRobot account
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The software will then build hundreds
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No need to buy backlink services at
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With ForumRobot software, you can:

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It is a 100% cloud-based software, so
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Dear my fellow online entrepreneur,

As an Internet Marketer you know that to increase your website traffic by 2x or 3x times, you will need to rank your website higher on Google.

Then to get higher Google Ranking then you need to build backlinks to your website regularly (there is no getting around this).

Yes, one of backlink types that has High Authority Weight, are backlinks from FORUM SITES. Google loves forum sites because they have huge number of users that put informative content in daily basis.

And there are many forum websites with high authority that allows users to put backlinks on their profiles, on forum threads and more.

However to build backlink from just 1 forum website could waste tons of your time – you’ll need to sign up to the forum sites, verify your email address, complete your forum profile then add your website URL/link.

IMAGINE if you want to get backlinks from have 10 forum sites, would you willing to waste 2-3 hours of your time every day doing that tedious work?

Simply add website link/URL then click the SUBMIT button. Then the software will automatically build hundreds of forum-site & social network backlinks for you.

See exactly every single forum backlink that you get. The delivery report is 100% whitelabeled, so you can sell backlink service to clients and deliver them a clean-report STRAIGHT AWAY (no our site logo, our site link whatsoever).

Backlinks are crucial for most websites because every time another web page links to your site, it gets a vote in Google, Bing, Yahoo eyes. This will move your website higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Building backlinks is still the most effective way to increase SEO rankings and traffic. Backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that other external websites are endorsing your content.

We understand that due to the simplicity of ForumLinkRobot, some people might use it to SPAM BACKLINK. We use ForumLinkRobot ourselves for our clients websites and we don’t people to overuse our software for spamming backlink. That’s why we provide maximum 5 URL submission per day for Agency Plan and 3 submission per day for Personal Plan.

Currently, we don;t have any Plan with higher limit : no PRO upgrade/oto, what you see is what you’ll get.

Remember we do this so that spammers can’t use ForumLinkRobot, we want to protect you as a member and we want to protect the effectiveness of ForumLinkRobot software.

Simply choose the Package plan that suits you the most and you can start building authority forum site backlinks to any websites and URL that you want to rank!