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Daily Content Profits Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Daily Content Profits.

Make use of the special Daily Content Profits coupon code above to access discount page and save 70% off your next purchase of Daily Content Profits by David Perdew. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Daily Content Profits Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Daily Content Profits launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Daily Content Profits Coupon Code > 70% Off Promo Deal

Introducing Daily Content Profits Coupon Code

One site wants $1500 per month to distribute 3 blog posts each month…

Another content distribution course is $2500 plus a substantial monthly to do it for you…

And another content distribution tools company was so expensive they wouldn’t even publish their prices online. You had to apply for a demo just to get a number.

What are these guys smoking?

Listen, these are all good content distribution platforms, but if you’re not a 7-figure online guru yet, you probably have more time than money, right?

So, the high-priced tools are out of reach.

But what if you could strip away the process that the same high-priced companies use and implement it yourself. Or get a $100 a month Virtual Assistant to do it for you.

All you need is the right step-by-step process, right?

Guess what? That’s what I’ve got for you today.

It’s called Daily Content Profits system.

Created by David Perdew and the NAMS Team for his own content distribution, they are sharing the step-by-step process and the tools they use to make it as efficient as possible.

So, if others are charging thousands for content distribution services, you know two things:

1) the market says content distribution is the key to success because they can charge that much for it – with a straight face…

2) David’s DCP system is probably expensive, right?

That’s where you’d be wrong, grasshopper. Since he’s launching it this week, it’s incredibly inexpensive…

In fact, it’s less than a large, deluxe pizza. Really!

Check it out here:


But don’t hesitate and don’t pass it up, because the price goes up a lot after this.

It’s a system, and if you (or one of you team members) use it consistently, you’ll be amazed how much solid, long-term traffic you’ll get for years to come. You won’t be able to turn it off.

You have to see it to believe what’s in it.

Follow the instructions, use the tools and do it consistently and you’re guaranteed to get the results you really want.

This is what works. Period.

I’m so excited to get it to you today.

What are people saying?
“David Perdew has another winner here, On the surface, Daily Content Profits seems like another organizational tool. But really, it contains the secret key that most people are missing for getting passive income. Smart people will recognize this and grab it up now, in case David comes to his senses and ends access.”

Pat Flanagan

“I’ve gone through Daily Content Profits from David Perdew of NAMS in detail and it’s an amazing product. The 129 resources in the Resource Sheet is worth the price alone. This is really a system to guarantee traffic. David has included several tools as well to help you automate the process and organized everything so you can give it to your assistant. Every business needs this.”

Ellen Finkelstein

Connie Ragen Green
“Finally, everything in one place so I can profit from my content every day. David Perdew is the most organized thinker I know. In Daily Content Profits he has created a step by step guide, tutorial, and checklist so I can begin with my idea and carry it through each of the steps to sales and profits. Thanks, David for sharing your brain with me!”

Connie Ragen Green


The great gift of the online marketing world is a concept known as:
Do the Work Once… Get Paid FOREVER!

That’s why you create content, right?

But creating content is hard.

And incredibly frustrating if no one consumes it. After all, they have to read your blog post or watch your video or click on that link before they can become a customer.

And that’s the ultimate goal. GET MORE customers every day, all the time.

So, what’s the REAL problem?

Most marketers don’t have a repeatable process for distributing content. And they start from scratch every time so it becomes a crazy, time-consuming process that they give up on very fast.

Next, they proclaim content marketing doesn’t work.

But if that’s the case, why are the really BIG online marketers also creating massive amounts of content every day and distributing it everywhere? They didn’t get to be really big marketers by doing stuff that doesn’t work.

What you need is a repeatable process. A checklist. A content marketing plan that works.

But Where Do You Start? There’s So Much To Do!
Following a comprehensive checklist makes sure you get the biggest bang for the buck. It’s your buck. You don’t’ want to waste it. That’s why Daily Content Profits is an important addition to you daily productivity and marketing schedule. The best part is that this becomes your simple, complete content marketing roadmap.

And you can give it to your assistants so they do the work – every single day, and you get paid forever.

Post your content everywhere so you can get more traffic, collect more leads and make more sales consistently!

There’s So Much More Than a Checklist Here!
Daily Content Profits Checklist
46-page PDF checklist that customers can use or distribute to their team. We have video training on using this as well. This is the exact checklist we’ve created for our own team.

Hub & Spoke Traffic System
Templates, Infographic and video training to teach students how to create traffic with a real content plan using single source pieces of content.

NAMS Income Stream Calculator
This a sophisticated Google Sheet programmed to help online business folks determine how many clicks from traffic will turn into annual income by filling in the numbers. Training on use is included.

NAMS Tweet Composer
Pulling appropriate content from content and sales pages suitable for Twitter and micro blogging tools has never been easier nor more important. Scheduling tweets with Hootsuite, Buffer, or Postblazer (our personal favorite) requires the appropriate CSV file.

NAMS Hashtag Manager
Although we focus on using iTaggz to grab appropriate hashtags, managing those hashtags for consistent promotion and multiple products / content groups can get unwieldy, so we created another simple tool to group content for the right targeted communities.

Resource Directory
Training, articles, free and paid tools and content sources that we use to create, repurpose and distribute our content.

Fully Editable PDF
This PDF Package is fully editable so you can continue to use it over and over again for all your different promotions and team members!

You may not have heard of my new BFF, but you should definitely know him.

This guy knows how to create content.

I’m talking about David Perdew and his team at NAMS – Novice to Advanced Marketing System.

He loves creating training content and marketing products.

But he’s like most of us. The fun is in the creation, not the mundane distribution of the content once created.

In a Skype message this week, he asked me a question:

“So, what do you call a great blog post without readers?” he asked me in a note this week.

“Wasted effort!” he said.

If you don’t want the truth, don’t ask David!

Creating content is a lot of work. So, it’s really a shame when people think they’re done when they put the finishing touches on a blog post, ebook, video, podcast or any other communication effort.

The difficult part, of course, is distributing the content.

Getting readers and viewers.

Turning that content into sales!

Why? Because most online business people don’t know how to distribute content.

Sure, they may post it on Facebook or even tweet a headline or two, but that’s it.

David realized there was a content distribution problem – even on his own team.

So, he solved it with a massive content distribution checklist with step-by-step processes and training along the way.

And then, he add some efficiency tools like the NAMS Tweet Composer and the NAMS Hashtag Organizer to the pot to make it easier for his team to be more efficient.

And he’s called the entire package the Daily Content Profits system.

The goal is to create the content once, send it out into the world like a little army of sales people, bringing back more traffic, leads and sales for years to come.

This tool that will help anyone stack income stream on top of income stream for many years building a real business no matter what niche you’re in.

Big boys and girls of online marketing seldom reveal this much detail.

So if you’re tired of creating great content but not getting enough traffic, leads or sales from it, then you’ll want to check Daily Content Profits Coupon Code out.