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Make use of the special Clickacall coupon code above to access discount page and save 85% off your next purchase of Clickacall by Abhinav & Clickacall Team. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Clickacall Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Clickacall launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Clickacall Coupon Code > Lifetime Access 85% Off Promo Deal

Introducing Clickacall Coupon Code

Clickacall is a tool that lets you receive voice and video calls from anywhere with only a link—no downloads or signups required.

Call tracking gives you real-time call data, plus lets you use as many tags and notes as you want (people with paper schedulers, this one’s for you).

You’ll also be able to capture missed call data, as well as record video conversations to help with training or review customer information.

All the features are super intuitive, so you’ll skip the learning curve to put Clickacall straight to use.

Agencies and web support teams will love Clickacall for its straightforward simplicity.

Manage calls from both desktop and mobile with the handy smartphone app, which rings straight through to your phone like a standard voice or video call.

Clickacall even lets you add new users in one click to expand teams as necessary.

Create user groups to call multiple people on your team at the same time, making the call available to whoever picks up.

You’ll also be able to quickly track campaigns with Clickacall’s analytics, giving you insight into every call, along with lead statuses and account overviews right on the dashboard.

I set up a trial account to test it out and did a couple of test runs before I bought it.

Anything that makes it easier for my clients is good with me
It was super easy to add the widget to my website
It (mainly) does what it says on the tin

It’s very buggy. I added the widget to both my sidebar and footer and both buttons appeared in my sidebar i.e. 2 buttons in my sidebar and none in the footer. I’ve logged a call with screenshots so will see how that goes. Now I just have the video call option in my footer.
I’m a solopreneur so won’t need more than one user, and would have liked the white label option, but not willing to buy 2 codes to do just that.
When styling my call buttons, I couldn’t paste my colour hex code in, I had to type it
There was no place to redeem the voucher in my trial account. I had to create a second account to redeem my voucher
When I clicked on the call me now (phone) option on my website, it says to “click the green button to make your video call”, and it made a video call. I hope that they change this, as from the caller’s point of view they have requested an audio call, otherwise, why have 2 buttons…?
You have to be logged in and In the “accept calls” screen for the system to work. Not a biggie, it just means that I have to remember to log in and check that you’re int he right screen each morning so that you won’t miss the calls. When someone calls, you get a message pop up that then takes you through to the accept calls screen, so I don’t get why I have to be in that specific screen rather than just logged in, for it to work.

I haven’t had a look at their future plans but hope that:
1. the bugs get fixed
2. they look at the white-label options. I get where they’re coming from, but it would have been nice as standard.
3. they finish the product so that you can make an audio call as well, after all, it’s just a video call without the video, otherwise, just remove this option.
4. add the option to add office hours, so that I can specify whether I’m on another call, or the person is calling outside my office hours and that I will contact them next working day.
5. think of the end-user. The

I feel like I’m taking a risk with this product as they have released it too soon, but it does have so much potential, I went with it.

I leave a review every now and then if I think an offer may need to be given a chance. For the investment or exchange of unlimited calls with the click of a button. (that’s a no brainer) When I first saw the deal like I do with most of the deals up here I ask the question. How does that fit in my offerings or how can I add another tool to my own tech stack? This is one of those deals that I saw and said I need to see it to believe it. The first thing I did was log in a look around. The best part about this tool is it has nowhere to go but up. They are missing a great deal like scheduled time you will be available for a call. It’s either you are own or you are not on and no in between. Most have asked about voice calls instead of video calls. Inside the dash board you have a choice of which link you want to embedd or link. If you only want certain people to just call then use voice link if you want people to use video then use video link. Ease of use is there. I stacked two just to get the whitelable for my own offering. I don’t think they are mature in feature set or deep in configurations to offer as a service to my clients. I would imagine coming to AppSumo would be to raise a little capital to expand their feature set. So to summerize you can email someone directly in the dashboard a link to connect with you. No more zoom connect tools. You could also place short code along with link on a website. I also saw that someone asked what would be the difference in using skpe or facebook chat etc. Clickacall Coupon Code is for those clients that just want super simple. I have clients that don’t want to deal with all of the extra and are not on facebook or skype or consider those to complicated. This tool is so easy that my grandmother could figure it out in less than 5 mins.