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BiQ Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get BiQ Lifetime.

Make use of the special BiQ coupon code above to access discount page and save 62% off your next purchase of BiQ by Daniel Tan. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your BiQ Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since BiQ launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

BiQ Coupon Code

Introducing BiQ Coupon Code

BiQ is an AI-powered SEO suite that offers content optimization, keyword intelligence, and rank tracking to increase your traffic.

You’re getting next-level keyword intelligence with BiQ.

The intent analyzer helps you understand why the keyword search was made in the first place, letting you know if it was for a transaction, information, or navigation.

This means you can specifically target keywords with high transactional intent and slip them into your content to increase sales.

BiQ can also sort keywords by highest value to give you the best chance at making high-converting content.

Switch over to the content, ideas, popular questions, or trending topics section for some inspiration, or to help you create a content brief and/or structure your blog.

BiQ’s content intelligence makes sure you’re producing content that’s relevant to search terms.

You’ll have access to advanced AI-guided suggestions after comparing your content against sites in the top 10 rankings for personalized optimization avenues.

Plus, BiQ provides real-time analysis of your content to show you scores for readability, semantic density, keyword density, and more.

Pinpoint areas for improvement with the line-by-line analysis, which lets you check each paragraph individually and see how it contributes to the overall content score.

You can even use the content editor to make changes right away, which is perfect for those who are never content with their content. (I’ll see myself out.)

BiQ’s rank intelligence will show you all the keywords you’re currently ranking for.

Get ready for insightful metrics like search volume, cost-per-click, competition, SERP features presence, ranking pages, and ranking position.

You can even discover your hidden 11th–20th ranking keywords, so you’ll know which article or keywords you should optimize next.

Rank intelligence also lets you see competitors’ winning keywords, letting you take advantage of their success. (All’s fair in love and SEO.)

BiQ has been known to be a great tool for:

⚡️ Marketers looking to get a reliable SEO Suite that helps you rank higher and get more traffic.
⚡️ Agencies providing search and content-related services and solutions for their clients.
⚡️ Writers facing content challenges for their previous and future articles.
⚡️ Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to dominate search with cost-efficient solutions.


1. Can we have more Rank Discovery in Rank Intelligence?
We’ve decided to increase the limit by 50% across all 5 deals!

2. Can I pay/refill for Rank Intelligence once I’ve hit the cap?
Yes, you can do that and you will only be paying for what you’ve used. You DON’T need to subscribe to our usual monthly plan to continue using the feature.

3. Will I receive future updates?
Yes, all products and features in the AppSumo plans will receive future updates for free.

4. What’s next for BiQ? Do you have a public roadmap?
More features, more optimization! See the full list here:

5. Can I add more users to my account?
Not something we could do now, this is a feature planned for future releases.

6. How should I get started with BiQ?
A great place to start is by going through some of the use cases we’ve prepared.

7. Are there multi-languages or country’s support?
Yes, we do! At this point, we support up to 100,000+ locations in our Keyword Intelligence and Rank Tracking. For Content Intelligence, our AI Model works best with English language.

Thanks again for your amazing feedback and reviews.

And one last thing, for those who have left us a detailed review, reach out to us to claim your reward!

Pretty Good, Just a few Tweaks to be better

I heard about this app sumo deal and BiQ from a friend of mine. I also use Frase, Surfer and Ubbersuggest.

As I am a sucker to try out new programs, I purchased 2 credits to give it a shot.

The lay out is sleek and to the point, which I like and the reasons I mainly bought it, keyword research, seems solid.

The things that I have had trouble with:

When editing in “Content Intelligence”, Ill be typing and the curser will be entirely moved to a new block. I have had issues where I have had to reload the entire page to get it back. In some cases the cursor ends up in the middle of a word on a different block so I am not sure what is making the jump. It happens a lot.

Second, in the Keyword Intelligence area you can grab “popular questions” and add to the overall document you may be saving for search. However, when you go to write the content, none of that really appears easily on the side so I keep having to keep more than one screen open to go back and forth. Would be nice if the key terms, questions, and content ideas all appeared under the Content Intelligence area so those can easily be seen and ticked off.

Really Powerful Tool Once it Matures a Bit

I remember learning about BIQ what seems like years ago….although it may have been one year or it could have been three. Time flies, but that’s not relevant here other than the fact that BIQ HAS been around a decent amount of time.

I received their LTD offer when I had logged in for one of my clients in the past. It was appealing at the $199 price, but I didn’t pull the trigger on it then. I was happy to see a couple of months later the offer on Appsumo. I signed up for one code right away to see how the credit system works and to evaluate upwards if I need to increase any of the monthly (or, as I mention later, overall) limits.

BiQ Coupon Code has some really great features that for me coordinate well with other tools I have. I use Frase, Market Muse, and Nichesss for help with content planning. BIQ adds to that with benefits not found in the other three tools. It is a bit overwhelming to consider using four different tools, but it can also be a differentiator if you’re trying to pry your way through a certain niche.

Like others, I wish there was a different system when it comes to rank intelligence. I’d rather have 500 monthly credits than a flat 7500. I find that when I used SEMRush for another project that this type of tool is extremely valuable. I believe that BIQ could increase their Appsumo sales exponentially if they were to implement a slightly different system here.

There are some growing pains with this platform, for sure. I found that one of my queries led to some wild results. The team was extremely responsive and pushed my case up to their technical team to review. I am confident that if they continue to work through these things that they can continue to perfect this software. That’s the beauty of Appsumo. We’re all here to contribute feedback. Sure, we’re beta testers for nearly every deal that hits this marketplace. The reward is that we invest at a low rate with a hope for a high return. It is a lot like the stock market. That said, I think this is going to be a stock with high reward.

I look forward to continued use and again hope that there is SOME review of the rank intelligence inclusion here. 😉