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Beesbusy Coupon Code

Introducing Beesbusy Coupon Code

Beesbusy is a project management tool that lets you use customizable dashboards, Gantt charts, time tracking, and scheduling for easy organization.
Setting timelines is one of the most important aspects of project management, and Beesbusy lets you set up Gantt charts to do just that with ease.

Schedule your tasks in a clear timeline, then add links, milestones, dependencies, and deadlines to flesh out the chart.

You can also drag-and-drop tasks to immediately show how they’ll impact your timeline.

With Gantt charts like these at your disposal, you’ll nail every deadline.
Beesbusy gives you three different project views: task boards, Gantt charts, and team schedules.

But you can also view multiple projects across those same views for a complete picture of the running workload—plus, use filters to customize the display and easily find what you need.

When you reschedule a task, you’ll be able to see all the constraints and impacts on other projects.
Beesbusy’s time tracking features can reveal hang ups and help you readjust your schedules.

Managers and team leaders use initial estimates for tasks before team members update their progress and time spent on each section.

You can even display team members’ availability and timelog reports to accelerate your processes.
You’ll have three customizable dashboards for task and project tracking.

Within the Individual Dashboard, you can create task lists to see what’s happening on a small scale, such as tasks marked late, priority, or to-do tomorrow.

The Customized Dashboard lets you see the tasks of your team, and the Global Dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of all your project portfolios.

You can also track the overall progress of group projects with color-coded indicators before digging deeper with a more detailed display in a drop-down menu.

So, why did we build Beesbusy?

We’ve been building Beesbusy to solve two key project management problems:
• A tool is necessary to carry out a project effectively. From experience, many projects are never completed because of a lack of organization, transparency, and team planning.
• The existing tools are either incomplete, or complex and not user friendly. Good project management needs:
o Simplicity to allow users, beginners or occasional, to access the application and to share information (comments, task validation…).
o Advanced features to enable project managers to plan the tasks to be carried out in detail by integrating various constraints (availability of teams, milestones, tasks deadlines, time objectives…).

Why would you choose to buy this deal🤝?

We were really happy last year to introduce Beesbusy to the CES 2019 in Las Vegas. We improved our app development so to have the best features ever. Beesbusy is now mature: it is easy-to-use and has advanced project management features.
• We are passionate about projects management and we know that all companies’ projects can be optimized with the help of Beesbusy.
• ‘All future updates included’: Yes, you read well!!! We are on a continuous development. With the deal, you are sure to get all our new features for a lifetime. Isn’t that great?
We address:
• all kinds of professional activities
• all sectors of activities
• all sizes of companies

Why AppSumo and why now?

👉 We want to boost our global development!!! Beesbusy has been launched 3 years ago. We now have a robust product and more than 30.000 users all over the world. We are in an acceleration process and want to go on a big scale. Our goal with AppSumo is to strengthen our international foothold.
We are sure that the Sumo-lings community 😍 is the good one to achieve this goal together: it is full of people with projects and expertise, involved people who do what it takes to make their projects a success. With you we want to go further.

Join us 🤝 to facilitate your projects management. You’ll be impressed! 🙂
If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments below👇- and we’ll be happy to help out! 🙂

In the meantime, here are some tools that will help you better understand Beesbusy:
• A one minute video: What is Beesbusy?
• A roadmap page:
• Our help page:
It’s time to answer some frequently asked questions:

1/ Can I see some demos or tutorials somewhere?

You will find explanatory videos inside the tool, where you’ll need them. We want to make it easy for you!

In addition, we invite you to check our YouTube channel following this link:
The videos are ordered in playlists: demo, features, tips.

You’ll also find videos on our Facebook page:

2/ FAQ

If you have more specific questions, check our help articles:

3/ Is there any support I can contact for more questions?

We’re of course available to answer your questions in the online support chat, accessible in the Beesbusy application.

4/ How many members per code?

A code gives you access for a limited number of users but an UNLIMITED number of members (clients, suppliers, etc.) and collaborations.

5/ So what’s the difference between a user and a member?

A user is someone with a Beesbusy account who benefits from your subscriptions, which gives them full access to all the features in Beesbusy.
A member is someone who collaborates with you on a project, but who did not necessarily pay for a subscription. Members only have access to the projects you share with them.

6/ Is there an admin of the pack of users when you buy a code?

Yes, whoever bought the code can decide who they want to include in their subscription.

7/ What about your roadmap?

If you are interesed in what is in our roadmap for the next months please go check :

8/ What does “white label” mean in Beesbusy?

In Beesbusy Coupon Code you can customize your application with your brand logo and color, and ad a link to your website. This has to be done by the user that activated the code.
The customization doesn’t include CNAME.
Finally an easy-to-use project management app

As a fish shop and face-to-face trainer, I need to transform part of my courses into distance learning. With BeezBusy, I can imagine how to rebuild all my modules and especially visualize how long it will take.

I’m impressed with the ease of use of the App. What reassures me, is the possibility to know how the roadmap of my projects will be distributed.

Who does what and when? The Gantt chart display is a real plus.

Congratulations to the very reactive development team, as soon as we submit a suggestion to them.

In these difficult times, it is a real joy to be able to rely on simple and solid tools like BeesBusy. I highly recommend and give him 5 Tacos.

The management of OSX and iOS calendars would be a nice evolution.