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AppsBuilderPro Coupon Code

Introducing AppsBuilderPro Coupon Code

onvert Your Website into iOS/Android App & Send push notifications directly on mobile, tablets and desktops in 1 click with over 95% open rate
No technical skills, design experience needed, so you get customers buying today!

Internet has changed…
A lot
Gone were the days when having a website was enough for online presence. In this era of when 3.5 billion people use smartphones and 2/3rd spends are done using mobile phones, having a mobile optimized site is not enough.

According to the 2017 US Mobile App Report, Users spend 87 percent of their time on mobile apps compared to mobile web use that is just 13 percent. On top of that, half of digital media usage time is spent using smartphone apps.

Ask Yourself!
Wasn’t it 5 minutes back when you checked your phone for the email you received, or that notification from Uber or maybe Tinder ;)?

We all are likely to check our phones every 10-15 minutes or just tap on notification and take action be it a taxi booking, shopping, online ticket purchasing, or anything.

Right now, you’re likely missing out on one of the most important marketing pieces for any business going forward.

Every Business Deserves an App, Period!
No matter what business you are in, what products or services you are selling, selling it online or offline, have your own business or provide service to clients, you need an app.

Mobile apps are supremely fast and 3X more faster loading than regular website. I don’t need to explain how important it is for your business but let’s look at the number

Once an app is installed, it’s here to stay and most likely to be visited again and again. With Push notifications you can literally pull back your visitors, visually force them to see what you want to show and make them buy what you offer

Unlike old school SMS or Emails with only text or emojis stacking over and creating a junk in inbox, Push notifications have over 95% open rate with priority action

Progressive Apps is the name

PWAs are unlike native apps, but they are a combined approach of developing a platform that operates as an application as well as a website. They are not downloaded from a play store. However, they are easy to use and prompt, just like native apps.

That being said, what is the secret sauce of this app and how it conquered the space of evolving online shoppers? To understand the reasons behind, let’s take a dive into the important factors to be considered for success in any business and how PWA with its redefined mobile experience helps brands to meet these objectives.

PWAs can be up to 90% smaller than native mobile apps

Next on our list of PWA statistics is size – in fact, one of the biggest benefits of progressive web apps is that they are significantly smaller and lighter than native mobile apps. The majority of them are no heavier than 1 MB!

Even Faster to Load
Undoubtedly, speed is one of the most exciting features when it comes to PWAs. Combined with their capability of working in offline mode, they make it possible for users to access their favorite app in practically any moment.

Reduced Friction for Users
Consider a traditional native application. A user must go into the app store, find your application, wait for the app to download, accept permissions, then it’s ready to use. With a PWA, your customer need only find your website through a Google search, and then they’re immediately launched into your PWA. No downloading, no waiting.

Offline Access
Service workers use Cache and Fetch APIs to quickly load your PWA, meaning it spends less time trying to load content. These functions also allow users to load the PWA offline from the home screen.

Even if a user has no internet connection, your PWA can still send background updates and push notifications to the user.

No App Store Middle Man
A major slowdown for native app developers is having to deal with app stores. When you develop a native app, you must register your account with the app stores and pay fees for each download and any in-app purchases. With PWAs, you don’t need to register with Apple or Google.

Cross device
The PWAs you create works flawlessly across all the devices. PWAs can be accessed on any browser including Google Chrome, UC Browser, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Therefore, you can make them work across all browsers or any specific one of your choice that brings in more traffic to your site.

Common Issues:

Most of people don’t even know about this futuristic piece of tech
Not everyone can spend 100s or even 1000s of dollars on development for PWAs
They don’t want to hire a team of developers and designers
Find it hard to install heavy software and plugins
Don’t realize how powerful it can be to directly connect almost all of the visitors

Why turn your site into a progressive app? 3 key reasons:

It is much easier for people to tap your app than to enter your website URL
You get to send them instant notifications – with announcements, freebies, offers…
It has high perceived value

AppsBuilderPro Coupon Code Is What You Need to Lift Your Business to the Next Level

Auto Updating
Updating a PWA is also significantly easier. In fact, as a web page, PWAs are updated automatically when the site is updated you don’t need to do any manual update and you will always have the latest version of the PWA.

Great for SEO
Progressive Web Apps load fast. Uber’s PWA takes less than 2 seconds to load and this has a marked impact on search engine rankings as faster loading sites receive a ranking boost. Your PWA will be indexed quickly too and it provides a great user experience which all add to the success of your SEO strategy.