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AppMySite Coupon Code

Introducing AppMySite Coupon Code

AppMySite is an AI-powered mobile app builder that lets you create high-quality, customizable apps without writing a single line of code.

Turn your WordPress or WooCommerce website to a native app to grow your online presence and reach more customers.

Building an app has never been easier—you can create and customize your app in minutes.

After you’re done getting your app just right, launch it on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in no time.

Choose the design options that fit your brand to create stunning app icons, splash screens, and more!
If you’ve ever used a badly designed app or mobile site, you know how important it is to have a good quality app. (“What is this, a mobile site for ants?”)

With a range of professional design options, AppMySite helps you create high-quality apps with custom icons, splash screens, sign up screens, and more.

Personalize your new app by uploading your own artwork or using premium designs to get the perfect aesthetic.

A simple tool to create an app

I’m a small business owner and have never been able to afford expensive developers. This app is perfect for me. It’s really cheap, has tons of features, and I can upload my own logo or create one with the included font. Definitely worth it!

Potentially great tools, but need improvements

This is probably one of the best purchase in AppSumo so far, the UI is clean and friendly, easy to learn for newcomers in app building, so far have only tested an Android app since I didn’t have Apple Developer account yet to build iOS app. Some major downside is that it is not fully customisable, whatever feature they mentioned is the only thing that it can do. Would love to see in future that it could have better customization such as create own in app pages with the ability to add own text, images, buttons, etc. Also, if could add own fonts would be nice, currently it is limited to only few font-types.

Wonder full Diy app bulling

Its a Wonder full Diy app bulling . so the system is working really well, there has been some need for dev team to work on areas related to video headers and it has taken weeks to resolve but for the price it has been resolved and so many other areas work really well so all in all very happy.

The best, the fastest and the cheapest way to build my MVP!

AppMySite is the thing that I have been waiting for so long! After working with so many developers with over promising and under deliver, AMS is the answer to my prayers where I can build everything from scratch on my own without writing a single line of code!

Great for WooCommerce sites, promising for others

I bought AppMySite to see if (a) I could really turn my Wordpress website into an app and (b) if the result is going to be acceptable. The setup process is easy, just “clickin’ & fillin'”, so no coding work at all (just like they promise). And the result (viewable on a “test” phone screen) looks just fine. I ran into a trouble with REST API protection by iThemes Security on my site, but all that I had to do was to swithc off the REST API protection I had set up there previously. Another issue was that some of the characters of my website name (in the latin 2 character code set) were refeused by the app maker… I am waiting for a response on this from the support. After looking around for a while, I see that this is a great tool mainly for people with a woocommerce site. People with just a simple blog site will see basically justr a list of their posts, but this will (hopefully) change in the fururu as they are planning to add Custom taxonomy and post support. The future is therefore bright and I am keeping my purchse… and thinking of getting a better tier for more websites.

iOS & Android Apps for WP & Woo – Check

This is one hell of a purchase, especially the full stack or unlimited tier and I have been playing around this since last two weeks before purchase as trial user and as free/preview user and I have to say I really liked it and this is definitely going to change the way I have been doing my agency business as most of my SME Clients wanted Apps, but as one can imagine, they usually have capital shoratage and I can now help them have one even on payment plans and excited that I can help them to reach out to their customers without the expensive Ad/Mail-Dollar with push notifications along by keeping up with the pride and premium touch with iOS & Android Apps and I am really glad I jumped right in

I have question to developer as well. – Though you say billing and such details won’t be shown to any user roles other than Admin, Why is this like this ? Why should I let my client know what plan I am on and from where I bought it ? Why don’t you take off those AppSumo Branding from the app dashboard and License Tier Details kept as publicly visible to non-admin users ?

Very Good Value !

I really like the app I built with appmysite.
I had issues with the apk file at first, but the support helped me fix it. and now with the 1.9 release, I was happy to set the bottom navigation bar to my app.
What I like the most :
– Easy to design and configure
– Fast build
– many options for E-commerce site + Webview mode
– Push Notifications

Potential additions :
– Configurations for caching (to speed up the loading).
– Add more page templates (using rest API) to the different pages of the bottom navigation bar.
– integration with major LMS services, especially Learndash.

Simple but brilliant

AppMySite provides a very simple, yet powerful platform.
The simplicity makes it quite fast to put together an app, assuming that it’s a basic e-commerce site with blogs. Navigating through blogs and products is fast and smooth. I’ve tested with Gutenberg-based theme builder and it works. I was able to embed javascripts, etc and am able to get it to work on the simulator.

It’s quite powerful with the webview – the trick is to ensure that the theme allows removing header/footer as that will make the user experience better.

Will update the review when I submit this to the app stores!

Amazing app builder APPMySite

I am a non coder, made a wordpress woocommerce website and was worried that for app i will have to hire some one, which will be time consuming as well as time consuming. I was trying a lot of app builder apps, but each one was making it complicated.
i came accross AppMySite and wow, it was so simple and efficient, i just could not believe. AppMySite made my app ready within few clicks and it was ready.
With Appsumo it was extreamly cost effective to.. I would definitely recommend Appsumo and AppMySite to every one.

super cheap price and super fast

i can not believe that i found this app for such a low price. i tried to create my website with this app, its smooth and fast, easy to use even i am a person who knows nothing about website and app. My website is just a blog, it is not complicated so i dont know how the app works with complicated website, but i do think that it works well too.
This app saved much time for me, if i could give 10 Tacos, i surely would
Thanks Appsumo and Appdeveloper for such a nice offer!

5 tacos

I want to thanks the AppMySite team to build one of the best app builder out there. It is really easy, it allows me to make own mobile app. . Overall, the quality of content and mobile app pages was good. The biggest problem I had was speed the app is, especially from australia or new zealand. The app has a very long time lag from loading. I think that if a lot of users have this problem, people will not be willing to put up with it and will go elsewhere for their content needs. Additionally, if more US servers were available, it would work even better. This means that pages should load faster overall if they go closer to US server instead of somewhereelse. Hope appmysite team will rectify this issue.

Mobile App – Check!

If you are looking for a painless way to create an app that will be functional and aesthetically pleasing, this software is perfect. It’s intuitive interface guides the user through creating their own application with detailed instructions as well as quick tutorials in case they need it. I was able to make my website into an app within just minutes of downloading! The entire experience has been effortless so far and I’m totally satisfied with what came out at such little time invested – 100% recommend if you’re interested in getting started on your project easily or developing something more elaborate over time-