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Coupon Details

Acadle Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Acadle .

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Acadle Coupon Code

Introducing Acadle Coupon Code

Acadle is a comprehensive learning management software that allows you to create, customize, and launch white-labeled academies.

Class is in session, folks. With Acadle, you can quickly build a customized, white-labeled online academy with unlimited courses, lessons, and resources.

The advanced course builder allows you to drag-and-drop media files and images to your courses—no tech skills needed. (TBT to teachers fumbling with the Smart Board.)

Get started with pre-built modules you can customize to create your lessons and launch your course quickly and easily.

Want to transfer the structure or content of an existing course to a new course? You can use the clone feature to build or duplicate courses instantly.

Acadle allows you to white-label your entire academy with a custom domain and your branding to create a seamless user experience.

You’ll be able to build a white-labeled user login page by customizing a pre-built template with your brand colors and logo.

When designing your lessons, you can group your lessons inside the course to structure content just the way you want it.

Schedule live courses that users can subscribe to or drip lessons over time, locking and unlocking lessons to provide periodic access.

Trainings are only effective if your students, customers, or employees are engaged during the learning process (i.e., not falling asleep or shopping for raw denim jeans in another window).

Create interactive lessons with customized quizzes that let you analyze how much people are learning while keeping them focused on the material.

You can also use pre-built certificate templates to create certificates of completion, giving your users the satisfaction of knowing they’ve progressed toward their goals.

Acadle also integrates with third-party tools that let you customize your courses and make them even more interactive.

Unlike Chia Pets, online academies aren’t something you can set and forget. (But they are both growth-focused, amirite?)

The Admin dashboard allows you to get an overview of your academy’s performance, including the number of current and active users as well as an overall star rating.

This view of how users are interacting with your course and academy lets you track user activity in real-time.

Let me answer to a few frequently asked questions here


1 – 4 Tiers/codes are equivalent to the ‘Marketing plan’ and 5th code is attached to the ‘Onboarding’ plan.


1-4 code/Tier : You can customize the domain, logo, colors, text, login page look etc. and you will see ‘Built with Acadle’ in their login page. 5th code onwards you will get the option to disable this from the admin panel and also unlock extra customization options such as font size, color, style and button size, color etc. for the user interface (student/employee interface)


You can now embed any media from a third party, like, YouTube (make the video unlisted and use Swarmify to hide controls). We will soon have native integration with other media storage applications, with NO additional cost, where you can connect with your media tools directly and stream /show to Acadle.


We’ll introduce add-ons in future, where you can subscribe to addon’s for a very lower cost. Add-ons are currently priced at 10$ for 100 users & 10$ for 10 Team members, both will be charged per month.


We don’t have the mobile app yet. But we are working on the SDK, which you can integrate with your existing mobile App and give access to the academy content via your existing app. Also, we made the academy mobile responsive.


Yes you can. Unlike other LMS, you can manage multiple academies under the same account, and you can add your client as a team member to respective academies. Each Academy can have it’s own style, domain, style, users, team members etc. Also, if you are stacking 5 codes, you will get 6 Academies, and all the premium features under the ‘Onboarding’ plan will be available for each of these 6 Academies.


We do not have direct payment integration. You can use PlugnPaid, which you can connect to Stripe / Paypal and accept payments. We have native integration with PlugnPaid, where the invite can be sent automatically to the user once the payment is successful. You can use Automation tools such as Pabbly Connect , Integrately etc. to accept payment. If you want to do all this on your own, do not forget to check our API and Webhook.

✊ Feel free to drop an email to or connect via chat on our website if you want more information.

10 codes. Full on!

This is a fantastic product. I have already set-up 2 academies to test and it’s working fantastic. There are some issues for mobile/Ipad version from layout/screen visibility perspective but those are easy to fix. Overall, I am very pleased and happy with my purchase. I just wish I could have landing pages for each course and it will be awesome =) but as of now that isn’t a major showstopper from stacking 10 codes.

Support team is great and listen to feedbacks. Great product and I wish them all the best.

Thank you.

Lightweight and Easy to Use Learning Management System

Still trying out Acadle, so far I feel it has all the key elements one needs to launch a training portal. You have a login page, can manage courses, administer users, create lessons and upload content, as well as create quizzes. The product roadmap is good, I’m looking forward to being able to upload SCROM files as that will help us reuse some of our existing content. Overall its a great deal, thank you Appsumo and the team behind Acadle for making such a premium product available as an LTD.

There’s No Such Thing as Competition…

When it comes to Acadle. I have purchased countless LMS programs (and we won’t get to naming them), have even paid monthly for another 2 in the market. Well when it comes to a seamless solution and delivery then you don’t need anything else. Acadle gives you everything you need to deliver content to your end users without any headaches or complications. My students are no longer confused and it is very easy to use. For me, that was important. I deal a lot with business owners who are new to technology and online delivery. This platform made it easy for me to move my content over, and categorize it so that my students have a great end-user experience.

I am planning to buy more codes

First I wanted to save money but then after watching the webinar and trying the Acadle I knew I had to focus on my courses and my marketing and sales than the tech part. Acadle is simple, nice UI and great features like whitelabel !!! groups to manage what the users sees, total separate academies for you or your clients and much more… so this week I am planning to close some sales so I can get the money to invest on more codes. I feel Great, Thank you!

Great platform to get started quickly!

So far, so good! The platform is quite extensive and packed with great features in an easy to understand format. It’s defniitely comparable to Captivate and a few of the other LMS out on the market. Hoping they add a few additional features soon, and once they do it will be even better. Customer service takes some time to reply, but they are engaged once they get in contact.

Lots of options to customize designs, and layout. So far there are good options for outside integrations for student communication. Love the fact that gamification is customizable beyond most others, and you can also customize and get much more detailed with certifications and the point assignments. Off to a great start Acadle!

The best Saas option for e-learning

After much research, I came across Acadle as an option for my business’s upcoming e-learning academy. Whitelabelling combined with strong integration support makes it simple for me to plan out an anti-piracy plan. Most importantly, it is intuitive to use due to being a noCode product. I will be continuing to explore the full capabilities of Acadle over the coming weeks, but thus far – it has been an absolute pleasure.

Don’t miss this one!

I’ve been looking for a platform that’s both easy to use for me as the course creator as well as for my students. I’ve tried many different LMS. Both self-hosted as well as different SaaS. Some are too basic, other too complex and some simply looks too dated.

Acadle have been a pleasure to use so far. Really easy to use and I was up and running within 10 minutes of signing up! The gamification features are something that really sets it apart from other LMS systems, not only does it make it more attractive but also makes sure your students are engaged with the content in your courses!

I find Acadle to be one of the easiest LMSs I’ve tried, with a minimal learning curve and few bugs.

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use; I was up and running creating my course in about 10 minutes!

The course I’ve started with will act as a “lead gen”. So far, I’ve done half the course and everything “just works”. I’ve let a friend and my wife try the platform as “students” and both completed the tasks just as intended. With all other LMS I’ve done similar tests with I more or less immediately had to help them with something.

The platform is customizable to your needs (I’ve stacked 5 codes) and the gamification aspects are great motivators for students!

Once I get to know the platform a bit more, I think it will be pretty easy to convince local businesses to use as an internal learning system.

I see many possibilities with Acadle and if the product continues to develop it will be a super nice bonus.

Nizam, I hope you like tacos! Because here is five more. 🙂