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Viral PDF Brander Coupon Code
How a Tried and Tested “Trick” Releases The Floodgates To An Unstoppable, Unlimited Stream of Autopilot Income Using Just Simple PDF Documents!

Here’s just a few things this crazy simple system will do for you:

Make recruiting affiliates to promote your products and earn you money 24/7 an absolute breeze.
Explodes your traffic and sales as your product gains an unstoppable ton of exposure.
Gives you a super-easy way to earn money hand over fist with minimal effort on your part.
Offers you a UNIQUE selling proposition with none of the technical hassles.
Makes your product available to an INSANE number of people, flooding your bank account with cash.
Viral PDF Brander is an amazing new breakthrough service that lets you offer rebrandable PDF’s to your affiliates without installing complicated scripts, messing with software or doing anything technical!

In fact I GUARANTEE this is the quickest, easiest way to create brandable PDF’s – it’s like magic!

This takes an age old proven principal of marketing “The Viral Marketing Concept” and makes it easy-peasy to implement. That’s easy for you to set up, and easy for your affiliates to use.

It enables you to create a free PDF document that is so VALUABLE that people will fight hand over fist to share YOUR marketing message about YOUR product with EVERYONE they know.

This tool lets you sweeten the pot by letting people add their own affiliate links and PROFIT from sharing your message with the world.

It’s what we call a win-win proposal!

And one of the best things about Viral Marketing…

It’s FREE!

That’s why it works so well in any niche, for just about any product or service.

Nothing else gives you a lower cost way of driving traffic, exploding your profits and sending your sign-ups for your subscriber list through the roof.

But there’s more! Much more…

As you begin to imagine how much easier life will be when you implement this simple viral system into your marketing plan, take a look at what this tool will do for you…
Save yourself tons of time, money and resources because you can use your EXISTING PDF files with this system. No having to edit and put “tags” or “placeholders” in and no messing around converting to HTML or some other format first.

Hide YOUR OWN affiliate links and scatter them throughout your file – more cash generating done for you!

Forget about PHP, SQL, FTP, uploading scripts and other technical stuff. Just login to your member area, upload a PDF and tell it which links are brandable (about 2 minutes work) and KABOOOOOOM! You’re done. Now either drive people to the direct link we give you or insert the brander form into any web site (plain HTML, WordPress, Joomla, it works with anything) and you are good to go.

Nothing to download and install, this is a SaaS based system, there are no .exe files like other solutions. – We even host your PDF document and the form for you!