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Vidperk Coupon Code


Introducing Vidperk Coupon Code

This brand groundbreaking tech
called “VIDPERK”

INSTANTLY 3-10x your traffic,
sales & engagement with videos
using a simple PSYCHOLOGICAL

It works in 3 simple steps:


All you need to is – add your video to
this software, click few buttons and
that’s it.

Copy the code, paste it to your
website. Instantly 3-10x your video
traffic, engagement, & sales with
no effort.

Grab your copy at the lowest
Early bird launch price now..

When we embarked on the journey
to create vidperk (sounds fancy, I know..)

We had a single goal in mind, the solve the biggest
video problem out there that is killing any video that you publish.

Killing the rankings, engagement, sales and your chances of ever going viral.

And it’s Video Retention Rate.

Basically, the average viewer will watch a marketing video
for 2.7 seconds..which is not enough to do anything.

I am absolutely in love with this. It took my just few minutes to take a old video, put it into Vidperk and create a campaign and I am already seeing a lot more traffic and sales from my link. Highly recommend this.”

This is one of the most innovative software I have seen in last couple of years. It’s simple, effective and does what it says. Videos are the present and future and this certainly gives you a huge advantage. It’s a must have piece of software.”

Well, it’s as simple as a few clicks, without changing your strategy, without working extra, without changing your business model.

So you can take the same videos, the same niche, the same campaigns, the same text, the same everything you want to use, add this bad boy up, and see all of the benefits I mentioned above.

Rankings, going viral, more sales, more traffic, more engagement, more brand awareness, more trust, all of that will instantly be yours.

That’s just what it is.

No matter how good your video is or how much
money and effort you put into it, it will be wasted
due to the low attention span of people.

We fixed it, and made it simple as 3 steps.

All you gotta do is add your video to the software, the software
will then perkify it, making sure viewers watch all the video,
they get a reward, you make sales, go viral, and plenty of other
Instant benefits.

Do you know??

If you use video to sell anything,
then you have just 2.7 seconds to
capture audiences now..
(according to a research conducted
by MarketingMag)

Average VIDEO RETENTION is merely
few seconds for most videos..

When your video retention is LOW..

– You drop in rankings like a madman,
NO SEO strategy will fix it.
– You waste your time creating videos
that no one watches
– You Don’t get sales
– You cannot go viral
– You are not being taken seriously by anyone
– Your engagement is low

And plenty of really bad stuff.

However, when your video retention is high,
you will INSTANTLY see benefits:

– Insane rankings (proof and explanation
how it works here)

– No need to create the perfect video,
even simple videos make millions and
that’s a fact.

– You make 5x, 10x, 50x and 100x
more sales than you would normally.

– You have a huge chance of going viral
v.s having low retention rate

– You seem like a more established and
serious business/person

– Your engagement is sky high naturally,
which drives rankings and sales up, and
also customers feel more comfortable
buying from you.

I have seen and tried so many tools
but there is none who can help you with
video retention.. it’s insane.