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This is a new software
that’s really needed
especially if you’re
using YouTube for
your business or
a clients.

Here’s why it’s needed:

YouTube is changing all
of the time and sometimes
YouTube’s new policies or
algorithms lead to YouTube
accounts getting terminated.

(Google it and you’ll see this
has happened a lot recently)

Another issue on YouTube
is that recently a number
of YouTube accounts have
been hacked and creators
on YouTube have lost lots
of videos as a result.

(Hackers can also change
titles and descriptions on
mass causing days of work
for some creators like
happened with ‘WatchMojo’

YouTube also has a 3 strike
system where if a user of
YouTube receives 3 complaints
and subsequent strikes on
their channel it can be
closed down without

These 3 issues might not sound
like a big deal but they are
if you’ve uploaded a number
of videos to YouTube, built
up your subscribers and then
you find that your Channel
is gone and your videos
are offline.

If you don’t have a backup
of those videos they could
be gone forever.

Thats where this software
comes in.

It provides a safe way
of backing up your data
and preventing it from
being lost if the worst
happens and your YouTube
channel is shut down.

It can protect up to 100
channels for you or your

Here’s what it can do for you:

– Sync’s with Amazon S3
and Dropbox to keep your
backup data up to date.

– backup your videos, titles,
description, captions, stats
and even your channel
settings so nothing
is lost (This is BIG
because hackers can
change your titles and
descriptions causing
chaos for creators)

– TubeSync automatically
backs up to 100 of your
channel’s videos.

– Local backup – download
and store videos locally,
perfect for editing.

– Quickly restore all of your
videos, channel settings,
captions, titles, descriptions
and tags to a new YouTube
channel in seconds.

– Store and restore up to
100 videos per channel,
including your channel
settings and video
data, automatic