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Coupon Details

Synthesys Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Synthesys.

Make use of the special Synthesys coupon code above to access discount page and save 75% off your next purchase of Synthesys by Mario Brown. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Synthesys Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Synthesys launched for it’s excellent value, one-time pricing

Synthesys Coupon Code > 75% Off Promo Deal

Introducing Synthesys Coupon Code

A brand-new technology called Synthetic Speech Technology has taken the world by a storm…
It just went live.

Synthesys is world’s first-ever Software that turns any text into a real human voice – over in
just 3 simple clicks…
Click 1: Choose Voice. Pick your perfect business voice, gender and tone from 8 real human-sounding synthetic digital voices
Click 2: Create. Type your text or simply copy-paste your script and click “Create”
Click 3: Render & Share. 1-Click render and share your voice-over on any platform or device, wherever you need it AND Don’t Forget To Use Your Commercial License To Add Another Profit Stream To Your Pocket.

The next-generation Synthetic Speech technology that powers Synthesys makes applications like Google Wavenet and Amazon Polly look like a joke.

Never again will you have to…
X Pay an arm-and-a-leg to overpriced Freelancers
X Wait and chasing voice-over artists
X Go back and forth to get perfect a voice-over
X Leave the most important part of your marketing & sale into someone else’s hands
X Scaring away your visitors with creepy sounding robotic voice-overs made using free text-to-speech tools

Instead With SYNTHESYS get ready to achieve…
✓ Lower bounce rates
✓ More Trust
✓ More Authority
✓ And, More Money In Your Pocket

Synthesys has synthetic voices processed from real voices from the following individuals:
→ Dan R. specialized male voice perfect for Video Advertising
→ John M. specialized male voice perfect for Film Trailers
→ Renee W. specialized female voice perfect for Podcasts
→ Mary S. specialized female voice perfect for Real Estate
→ Alicia M. specialized female voice perfect for Training Videos
→ Deborah D. specialized female voice perfect for Video Walkthroughs
→ Beatrice J. specialized female voice perfect for TV Commercials
→ Edmund L. specialized male voice perfect for Storytelling
Of course, you can use these voices interchangeably – depending on your needs

Here are just a few ways to monetize Synthesys…
Use It For Your Sales Video
Use It For Your Podcast
Charged Hundreds Offering Voice Over Services
Use It With Animated or Explainer Videos
Use It For TV Commercials
Sell Voice Over Services On Fiverr & Freelance Sites

During the special launch – you can get access to Synthesys for a low one-time price and along with FREE Commercial License & other exclusive bonuses.
Once the launch ends – Synthesys will turn into a monthly and yearly recurring subscription.
So, make sure you act fast and lock in your copy at the early bird pricing NOW.

Doesn’t matter what’s your business… SYNTHESYS will MAKE & SAVE you thousands of dollars

Affiliate or social media marketer?

Add a SYNTHESYS powered voice-over video to your blogs, websites and landing pages, so you can evoke excitement in your visitors and get them to click on your affiliate links or to get them to join your lists!

Ear FAT commissions and CRUSH leaderboards to make thousands of dollars promoting your affiliate offers.

You can even record a product review in one particular voice that your list can then get accustomed to.

This is especially helpful if you don’t want to record a video in your own voice as sometimes you may not be feeling that excited and that would definitely dampen your audiences’ spirits leading to decrease in conversions.

Run an e-commerce store?

Use SYNTHESYS to welcome your visitors with a high-quality voice-over for your welcome video.

Give them a walkthrough of your store and show them your merchandise.

Impress them the moment they reach your store and experience a surge in sales.

Once the sale has gone through… send them a walkthrough of the product and help them get started on the right note.

Turn your one-time customers into loyal recurring customers and advertisers for your products through referencin

Run an offline business?

Use SYNTHESYS to create a cool voice-over for a video… telling your audience about your products and offers.

A professional-sounding presentation shows your customers that you highly care about providing them with the best experience while doing business with you.

It convinces your customers that the quality of your products and services will be top-notch because you don’t seem to cut corners even when it comes to just preparing a presentation for your customers.

The highly professional sounding voice-over will make them believe that you have spent a lot of money on something that most businesses take lightly.

Customers are more than happy to pay a lot MORE if they are convinced that your business does not compromise on quality.

Marketing consultant?

Because you get a commercial license, you can offer SYNTHESYS as a premium service to your business clients for a high one-time fee.

Provide a professional voice-over for your clients’ videos.

Remember, it will only take you minutes to do that, but you can charge them BIG money telling them that you run a voice-over agency as a side hustle (that you would, in reality, too…with the commercial license).

Product creator?

Use SYNTHESYS to welcome your sales page visitors. Just like an eCommerce store owner, you too can create product walkthrough and training video voice-overs.

Give your customers a quality introduction to your product.

Get more conversions and increase sales and revenue.


Easily crush the competition by bidding for jobs open to both male and female applicants…

SYNTHESYS is powered by the ultra-advanced Synthetic Speech technology.

This technology has never-been-seen before anywhere in the market.

The amount of money, time and other resources that went into building SYNTHESYS was enormous…

…not to mention the money we will be investing in future to keep it on the leading edge.

The ONLY reason we are making SYNTHESYS available at this massively-discounted one-time price is…

… that we want to get it into the hands of any marketer or business owner who wants to maximize their traffic, generate more leads, get more customers, and boost sales.

What other languages are included?
Since we don’t use Google or Amazon technology, we support only the English language at the moment.

What is meant by 30,000 credits?
30,000 credits meaning that each letter is one character. Synthesys Coupon Code have packages to buy more credits when you run out of credits.