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Signaturely Coupon Code

Introducing Signaturely Coupon Code

Signaturely lets you create, send, sign and store digital documents with legally binding online signatures.

Getting started is made simple with Signaturely.

Just upload your document to the platform or use one of the provided templates, all previously reviewed by legal experts and proofreaders.

Once you’ve got the document ready, you can add the signature fields with the intuitive online editor, and you’ll be ready to go.

Now you can send the document to your signees for approval.

Signaturely will guide them through the whole signing process step-by-step.

The platform shows signees everything from how to easily create their own online signature to properly signing each field.

Plus, users can sign from almost any device, whether mobile or desktop, so they don’t even have to get out of bed to get it done. (“I always sign my legally binding statements before coffee.”)

Who is Signaturely for?

Signaturely is for anyone looking to get any document signed online like:

Freelancers looking to get proposals signed to get started
Sales teams in need of a quick signature process
Agencies that have proposals they need signed
…and anyone else who doesn’t want to waste time and ink signing documents!

Why Signaturely?

At Signaturely, we’re committed to help everyone use online signatures and making them SIMPLE. We’re committed to help you move to the digital age without frustration.

Just connect your cloud service or upload documents, and you can use the platform to prepare your document and get the digital signatures you need. If you don’t have a document ready, you can simply use Signaturely’s templates, written and reviewed by legal advisers and proofreaders, to get you started.

Once you send your documents to be signed, Signaturely will guide your recipients throughout the signing process and keep you updated. If you see someone is taking long to sign a document, you can always send them a gentle reminder in-app to get things going.

With Signaturely, you’ll never have to sign documents by hand, wasting time and paper, printing & scanning. You can create and save all your documents in one place, ready to browse, sign, and use as soon as you need them.


Do you have a Public Roadmap, Help Center, or Facebook group?

Yes, here are some helpful links:

Roadmap & Feedback:
FAQ’s & Help Center:
Facebook Group:
Referral Program:
Free Contract Templates:
Free eSignature Maker:

Are digital signatures valid?

Yes, digital signatures are valid and as legally binding as wet ink signatures. In fact, in some cases, digital signatures are even safer than ink signatures because the process used to create the signature on the document is recorded by the platform.

The platform in turn uses its records and collects enough user information to prove that the parties actually signed the documents.

Plus, since Signaturely records every signature and every document, you simply cannot lose any signed document, because Signaturely will always have a backup for you.

Here are some answers to common questions that we’ve seen come up recently:

** API, Zapier, Webhooks, Pabbly Integration **

We currently have an API and Zapier connection on our roadmap. We are looking into Webhooks and Pabbly. We do not have a definitive timeframe on the API and Zapier Integration. We are discussing all of these with our team to understand the best way to release these.

** Whats unique about Signaturely and what makes it different from DocuSign, GrabSign (currently on AppSumo), and the other competitors **

The main difference would be ease of use and simplicity. Signaturely is built to be super simple to use. Our UI is very simple and easy to navigate. Also compared to GrabSign and some of the other AppSumo deals for eSignature apps our deal is more friendly on pricing.

** What is a user? Is a client I send a document to for signing a user? **

A user is a teammate at your company, a user is not a client/customer you send documents to for signing. The one code plan includes 3 users (e.g. teammates), with either the 1 code or 2 code plan you can send unlimited documents to unlimited customers.

** I’m having issues signing up or entering my code **

A few Sumo-lings reported they had trouble signing up and using their code. First we want to say we truly apologize for this. Our development team identified that Wordpress had an issue redeeming the code for a few Sumo-lings. We’re working with those Sumo-lings to get full access now, if anyone else finds any issue please report it to our customer success lead Jovy, and we will work to get you full access.

** Can users see all documents or just their own documents, are there permissions that can be set for users? **

Signaturely allows you to add users (teammates) and assign them roles. The roles are Admin, Owner, and User. If you assign your teammate a ‘User’ role then they can only see their own documents and they cannot see documents of other users. You can read more about the roles & permissions here:

** Is Signaturely mobile responsive to my clients can sign documents on their phone or tablet? **

Yes, Signaturely signing experience is mobile responsive so your clients & customers can sign documents using their desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

** Do you offer Multi language support? **

Currently, we only support English language but we’re collecting feedback and we have added multi language support to our voting board.

** Do you offer CNAME and what about custom branding? **

Currently we do not support custom CNAME records. We have added this to our voting board and it is currently #2 on our voting board so there is a good chance this will be pushed to our roadmap. We do offer custom branding that allows you to add a custom sender name and add your logo to the signature requests and emails. We’ve had more feedback that the custom branding should be expanded further. We truly value your feedback. We are working with our team to identify the next best steps to make the custom branding stronger. We’re adding “Detailed Custom Branding” to our feedback section and would love the Sumo-lings feedback on what matters most with custom branding so our team can work to implement your feedback.

** Are you AATL compliant? **

Yes, Signaturely is AATL compliant and all documents you sign can be opened with Adobe with a valid signature panel.

** I read about Signaturely giving back, does Signaturely give back as part of the AppSumo deal? **

Giving back is a core value at Signaturely, we truly care about making this world a better place. Yes, as part of our AppSumo deal Signaturely is giving back through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant one tree for every AppSumo customer. You can read more about how we give back and the difference we’re making here:

Gets the job done

We use Signaturely to send tenants leases and send owners management agreements.

It is safe and secure. We can easily check the document’s current status and send a reminder message if any signee doesn’t respond.

If you want to upload a document and send it for a signature, this is your product. It’s the quickest and easiest way to complete the agreement signing! By updating pre-built lease templates, you will able to create an agreement within a few minutes.

With COVID-19 going on, many people don’t want to go to public places. Signaturely helps to keep us safe and sign lease agreements from home.

Simple and secure

VERY VERY easy to use no matter if you just need one signee to sign and date a single page document or need multiple signees to sign and date multiple pages.

One-click integration of cloud storage helps us handle documents in an organized manner. I previously used PandaDoc, which does not work well with non-PDF uploads. Signaturely, solved my problem because it works well with both MS Word and PDF docs.

I think Signaturely is quite serious about security issues and allows us to activate 2-Factor Authentication.

Cons: Most of our clients are car lease-related, but Signaturely doesn’t have any pre-built agreement template for car leasing. Otherwise, everything worked well for me.

Must have service!

I’ve fallen in love with Signaturely!

Easy to use, convenient and a real time saver compared to the traditional way of sending documents. I am not doing that ever again. Thanks to Signaturely!

Recommendation for developers (minor):
It’s amazing that you give font options. The service could be even more convenient if there was an option to set one font for the entire document as it’s a lil time consuming to select the font on every single field. Same thing for font size. Apart from that I am really enjoying the app, thank you!

Just what we needed

I run a remote agency and we produce our contracts and proposals in Google Docs, then export them to a [different provider] to send out for signature.

Signaturely Coupon Code is a welcomed upgrade as we now have access to templates, and with 2 codes I can finally invite my team to send contracts instead of it all waiting on myself.

The UI is clean – very similar to another popular signature tool we used to use, but I like that they are following suit of a good thing.

My feedback for making Signaturely better:

1. Allow access to Shared Drives in Google Drive. Currently it only lets me access files in my personal Google Drive.
2. The UI when preparing a doc and adding signature blocks should be refined more. “It works” right now and tha