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RocketLink helps you grow your audience by adding pixels to every link you share.

When you share links to engaging content, your URL drives traffic to third-party websites.

But RocketLink lets you capitalize on this traffic by recapturing those leads and reaching them with perfectly targeted ads.

You can even retarget users from places like Facebook Groups. Just share click-worthy content and you’ll be able to retarget anyone who clicked on the link. (Normally, FB doesn’t allow you to target Group members, but RocketLink found a way to beat the system.)

You also can display ads only to users who clicked on your links in the past and increase CTR while lowering CPC.

Putting RocketLink to work is as easy as eating an entire sleeve of Oreos.

These are the four simple steps:

Set up your pixels. Add retargeting pixels from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Adwords, and LinkedIn.

Shorten your link. Paste the link you want to share in your RocketLink dashboard and select features.

Share the shortened link. Share the link with your audience/social media fans. They can click on it and share it with their friends who will share it with their friends who will share it wi—.

Analyze and retarget. Analyze data and create custom audiences of anyone who clicked on your links and reach them with perfectly targeted ads on multiple platforms.