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Plerdy Coupon Code

Introducing Plerdy Coupon Code

Plerdy is a multifunctional tool that offers heatmaps, session recording, click tracking, and more to analyze user behavior and improve site design.
Plerdy’s heatmaps let you analyze site behavior with several different reports.

You can see scroll maps, scroll depth, idle mouse, text selection, cursor hover, and click sequence as they appear on your live site, not a screenshot.

From there, you can analyze user clicks and actions based on dynamic elements, as well as segment data from different traffic sources or devices.

This feature alone will show you valuable insights into what’s working, and what’s not.

Plerdy lets you use pop-ups to add quick functionality or gather information.

The tool offers more than 25 conditions and capabilities, like email collection, call backs, banners, and subscribe buttons.

Customize the pop-ups to fit your business, or you can use them to segment users into different groups based on their responses.

Even better, the pop-ups don’t slow down your site loading times, since they’re not present on the page when it loads.

The SEO checker makes sure you’re not losing visitors to bad search engine performance.

Plerdy runs a quick daily analysis to give you a thorough SEO report, and you can select which tests you’d like to run to focus your efforts.

You can make corrections instantly and tap into a before/after mode that lets you record page changes to see new updates.

Plerds also lets you enable the Google Search Console API to analyze keywords and spot opportunities for content.

Plus, you can show all the reports in the SEO checker and Google Search Console API for mobile and PC separately.

Plerdy is a CRO & SEO platform that helps business owners, marketers, CRO, SEO, and UX/UI professionals grow their online business relying on accurate user behavior data.
Plerdy enables you to:
– Optimize website funnels and increase conversion rates
– Understand user needs and grow the average revenue per user
– Reduce the cart abandonment rate
– Reduce the bounce rate
– Reduce the churn rate and increase the customer lifetime value
– Increase the customer retention rate
With Plerdy, you can make more effective data-driven marketing and business decisions and speed up your online business development.

We have been doing SEO & UX analytics for over 10 years. Our team has always been interested in reliable data, analytics, and different ways to enhance websites. Yet like every digital marketer, we wanted to have more accurate data without spending too much time to collect it.

Back then, using the tools of our current competitors, we always had issues with the accuracy and segmentation of the collected data. As a result, when we had to rely on it to implement any website changes, we couldn’t be 100% sure if they were right.

This inspired our team to design a tool for online marketers that would collect the most accurate data about user behavior on websites. We didn’t want to copy other analytics services. We strived to create a product with the functionality that would complement a range of useful website analysis services, like Google Analytics.

That’s how we launched the PLERDY platform. Now, the main goal of our product is to help online businesses grow, increase profit, and make strategic decisions backed up by the data and capabilities of our platform.

Plerdy already includes 7.5 products 🙂 (PS. We are currently working on a separate NPS page. For now, NPS surveys are in the PopUp forms section.) Overall, all the main features are detailed at Each of the products helps to solve at least 6-10 business or marketing problems. For example, our heatmap is better than its alternatives because:
1. Data is clearly tied to specific elements and doesn’t look like unrelated color spots.
2. All data is displayed on website pages in real time instead of screenshots.
3. Plerdy collects clicks on dynamic elements.
4. All reports are available both for mobile and desktop devices.
5. Data segmentation by traffic channel.
6. Data segmentation by user group.
7. Data segmentation by country.
8. First click testing.
9. Sales impact analysis for each element
And much more.
Use cases:
1. TemplateMonster used the SEO checker to quickly detect SEO mistakes that affected traffic. –
2. Popup forms have a 33% CTR, which allows you to reduce bounce rates, generate more leads, and boost sales.
3. Click heatmap helps to detect which elements users ignore (including dynamic) and where the scroll depth is low. Based on this data you can make valid hypotheses on what to improve on the website.
4. Session recordings allow finding out why certain people place an order, whereas others can’t find the necessary website element.
5. Events are easy to configure and immediately transfer data to Google Analytics. You can set up an event to see what happened since Plerdy’s script installation.
5. Conversion funnel is helpful to understand at which stage of the conversion funnel a visitor leaves the website.
6. Sales Performance shows which website elements a buyer clicked before the purchase and which have no impact on sales.
7. Free Bonus: Usability Testing: Website Checklist 210 Points –

Does Plerdy slow down a website?
– No. Thanks to the use of the Defer attribute, Plerdy’s script runs only after the page is fully loaded (Learn more). –
Does Plerdy slow down a website During SEO data collection?
– No. Data is collected gradually so there is 0% load on the website server.
What is the level of data security?
– All personal data are transferred using the SSL protocol and encrypted.
Does Plerdy record the personal information of my website users?
– No. Plerdy doesn’t record or store any personal data entered by users in website fields.
Where can I check the FAQ?
– Visit this page. –
What to do if data is not collected?
– Make sure the script is added to your page only once.
– Make sure all the script is added to the page.

You can use an AppSumo promo code for one website or three websites at once. If you add three websites, all the limits will be divided between them. In total, you can record a maximum of 1000 video sessions per month. New videos will not be recorded if the monthly limit has been reached. Delete the previous videos you don’t need and new videos will automatically start recording next month. If you do not delete videos and have already reached the 1000 video limit, new videos will not be recorded in the next month.

We fine-tune our products and add new features every month. Check out our next plans on the Roadmap page –
Very good product

Took me a few weeks to get around to setting this up correctly. Now I’m starting to go deeper into what it does and how it works,


– the information this gathers is genuinely useful, although sometimes depressing to see how people interact with your website.
– You get a LOT of bang for your buck – there’s too much to list, but personally I love the heatmaps and scroll depth which helps me determine which posts are interesting or may need attention
– Support was very good when I was setting it up and having some issues getting GTM integrated

– adding the site code does give a hit to performance, although this is no worse than other systems like Hotjar that i’ve used. I stopped using hotjar, because the performance hit wasn’t worth it. With plerdy, although I lose some performance, I feel like the amount of information I’m getting is worth the trade off.

Frankly that says a lot, because I’m very harsh on taking off anything that impacts performance. I spent most of last year removing / replacing entire elements of my site in order to boost speed.

Plerdy is a total bargain at this price and I do recommend it. It’s earned 5 stars. I just hope the developers keep working on minimising the performance impact over new features.
Really Terrific As is With Lots of Future Potential

I’ve used Hotjar for 3 years. I also tried another Appsumo deal in this area, recently, and I can say that I like Plerdy the best out of all of them. I really like how they group behavior in a table. For instance, I can look at the way user interact with different elements across an entire subdirectory without having to open hundreds or thousands of heatmaps. It summarizes that data for me. Alternatively, if I want, I can go to each heatmap in turn.

As it stands, it’s a great product. I still see room for improvement that I hope they consider. For instance, there should be ways to bookmark common analysis filters, Additionally, some of the SEO suggestions don’t seem to be very relevant. For instance, an error because I don’t have any h5 tags. I’m not sure that’s really a problem. Either explain why those are issues and/or allow me to turn on/off different SEO criteria, so it doesn’t look like so many pages have errors.

All in all, I think it’s a great product that really helps you analyze user behavior. I’m not sure the SEO side is up to the same quality, so I’m just considering it a nice-to-have at this point. I have other SEO tools I’m relying on. If they up their SEO game in the future, this may be my main tool for almost all of my performance analytics.

Better than the rest

I’ve tried a lot of heatmap type tools, each does things slightly differently but what they all had in common was that the tracking of mobile devices and the tracking of dynamic elements left a lot to be desired.

If you are new to these kinds of tools and are wondering about getting this deal or some other similar heatmap-scrollmap-user-video-recording-analysis type product, I advise you to get this one.

Plerdy functions and tracks in a way that makes sense and it does so properly. You get less junk data and less confusing clicks appearing in random locations or where some pop up or menu may have appeared to the user but you cant see it properly in the tracking tool. It fulfills the promise that I imagined when I first heard about heatmaps and the like. For this alone, it is a fantastic find for me.

That it is a very well priced AppSumo deal makes me not hesitate to get the deal now while it’s hot. I don’t conduct UX analysis every day so it’s not worth it for me to be signed up to any expensive service month by month, a lifetime deal is perfect though.

I did have some concerns about it slowing down my site, but so far so good. I hope the developers have a focus on keeping the code lean and uncluttered, loading only what absolutely needs to load for each use-case modularly and optimizing the heck out of it.

The Plerdy Coupon Code team have some great resources and examples on conducting a UX audit on their website, I enjoyed reading there and got a good impression of the team. They have made a tool that they actually use and are not disconnected from the field of UX analysis. I like that.

I have not gotten stuck in to the SEO tool, that’s not really my area of expertise so can’t comment on that.

The pop ups looked OK, nothing to write home about. I find it a good feature in that you can load a pop up from there without adding one more 3rd party script to your website, But it’ missing some types of pop ups that I need, like the ones you may find in more lead-generation specialized offerings. But I can’t really complain about that, I am judging this deal as a UX audit tool which is what I bought it for and anything beyond that is icing on the cake.