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Coupon Details

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Pixelixe Coupon Code

Introducing Pixelixe Coupon Code

Pixelixe is a graphic design suite featuring a white-label integrated editor, design automation, and robust image editing tools to help you create scroll-stopping graphics in minutes.

This powerful platform allows you to automate the creation of social media images, banners, and more.

Get started by accessing Pixelixe’s stunning collection of millions of stock photos, fonts, icons, and pre-made templates.

With the image editor, you can create graphics your audience will talk about in the right ways. (Unlike the haunting Toucan Sam redesign.)

Edit images with point-and-click functionality using tools like color picker, border, shadow, and layers to help your designs really stand out.

Design unique graphics in minutes from your browser with access to millions of ready-to-use stock photos, fonts, and more!
If you run an agency or startup and want to embed a fully customizable graphic, image, and PDF editor on your website, you can integrate Pixelixe on your existing site or web app.

With a customizable white-label experience, Pixelixe allows you to add your logo, colors, and assets for a seamless user experience.

Once the user finishes editing on your site, Pixelixe’s REST API will push the creation in real-time onto the URL of your choice, allowing your app to keep full control of the work.

Whether you’re new to marketing or a seasoned professional (the secret is more salt), you can use Pixelixe to create templates that let you automate image creation.

Each saved design (whether it’s yours or a customer’s) is considered a template, and the Image Automation API can generate unlimited variations of images based on those templates.

To integrate Image Automation capability into your mobile or web app, just follow along the API documentation and benefits from ready-to-use code snippets.

All text and images in a template become objects you can modify by hitting the Pixelixe API endpoint with your modification requests and getting the image generated for you.

You can also generate unlimited variations of any template, letting your customers or team reuse, edit, and modify variations anytime.

Pixelixe makes it easy for anyone to be a designer, whether you’re a sit-down Picasso or a mobile touch-up wiz.

The Pixelixe API plan also includes an ultra-fast, high-quality Image Editing API that lets you easily transform and manipulate any images on the fly.

Customize graphics to make them your own with a variety of editing options like resize, crop, flip, rotate, contrast, opacity, invert, filter, bright, and blur.

With Pixelixe, you can transform your photos programmatically from your mobile, web app, or any platform.

Pixelixe provides an Image creation & automation suite for you and your webapp.

What differentiates us from our competitors is that we don’t just provide a design tool. Pixelixe is much more than that.
First, the ability to white label our graphic and photo editor and embed it into any web app.
Second, an Image Automation API that can generate variations of graphics on the fly. All text and images in a template become objects you can modify.
And cherry on the cake, even generated variations can be edited as well in the editor.
There is absolutely no limit to creativity and integration scenarios.

You can have all of these tools under one roof, now!

Here is our roadmap with the features, we’ll add more items in the coming months.

Here are the top features which are listed in our roadmap:
– Group selection
– Custom fonts upload
– Mobile version
– Third party integration (Drive, S3, etc..)

So much opportunity here

Just been playing around with it for a little bit, but its exactly the SaaS I’ve been looking for.
It works great, and just look at those ‘limits’!
I’m working out different use cases for this, from social posts for my clients to ‘shoutouts’ on my company slack. Possibilities are endless here.
Havn’t found a use case for the image editor API yet, but the automation and processing APIs are so cool.
I just wish the generated images would be stored somewhere public (hashed or whatever, and even automatically deleted after x hours) instead of returned with base64/blob – would tying this into our workflows with Pabbly or Integrately much simpler.
All in all, with some brushing up on coding/dev skills, this is a killer deal.

Feature Rich

This is an awesome product!
I still don’t think after a few hours of fiddling on the site found everything I can do with it.

Look at all those features!
Pretty generous API calls after the first level.

Cons: (and the reason for 4 tacos)
Inability to save to my own cloud storage (Dropbox, AWS, Azure, etc.)
I can see using up the 25k of API calls pretty quickly on the lowest tier.

I may update my review when I’ve had more of a play.