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Mesh.Online Coupon Code

Mesh helps you re-create the magic of live events! Interact in a custom virtual world filled with games, music, and unique experiences for a more engaging event experience!

What’s the Benefit of using Mesh?

Build a culture and social connectivity in your remote teams
Create an engaging online environment for unforgettable events
Choose a pre-built world that has embedded games and music, or customize your space for a fully unique experience.

How Does it Work?

From your dashboard, you can choose the theme (“map”) of your private space. Or, click the ‘My Events’ tab to start a special event with a new URL. Your spaces will be able to hold the number of concurrent guests that your account has access to (depending on what plan you’re on). Share out the URL to your space with your guests (e.g. through a calendar invitation or email).
If you choose, you can customize your space with embedded links, videos, or live streams once you enter the space. Only administrators are allowed to customize the space.
Guests can join the link you share with them with just one click. No download or sign-up required.

Q: For PitchGround licenses, what’s the difference between the Free license on PitchGround and the Free version offered through
A: The Free license through Pitchground gets you full access to all the embedded games we offer in Mesh. The Free plan that Mesh offers without a PitchGround license doesn’t include access to all the embedded games.

What games are available and how do we play them?

If you have a PitchGround license for Mesh, you have full access to all the embedded games Mesh offers. To find out more about where the games are in the maps, see our documentation here:

How many people can video chat with each other?

Mesh limits group video chats to a maximum of 6 people to allow for smaller, more intimate conversations like you’d have in real life.

How do I talk to everyone in the space, even the ones my avatar isn’t close to?

If you’d like to address everyone in your group, use the group text chat which you can access using the chat bubble icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. Alternatively, admins of the space can use the Megaphone Video feature to broadcast their video to everyone in the space – everyone will hear and see you, but you won’t be able to hear and see them; use this feature to make announcements or welcome people. Admins of the space can also use the Megaphone Link feature to pause Mesh and broadcast a link to the whole group for them to join; you can use this feature to broadcast a Zoom or Google Meet link for example to gather everyone into a standard web conference call, and then resume Mesh once you’re done with the full group conversation or presentation.

How does Stacking works in the Paid plan?

Mesh currently allows up to 400 concurrent users to be together in the same space. With each $49 Plan code you get 10 users so you will have to stack up to 40 codes (40*10) to get access to a 400 user space in your single Mesh account.