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Marpipe Coupon Code

Introducing Marpipe Coupon Code

What is Marpipe?
Marpipe is a multivariate testing platform that lets you build, launch, and analyze hundreds of ad creatives to automate the testing process.

Creating new ads is as easy as uploading your assets and dragging-and-dropping them into the builder.

Once you’ve got a base ad, then you can create multiple variants with the same drag-and-drop functionality.

Use variant mode to change the copy, experiment with backgrounds, switch up placement, and much more to get dozens of ideas down in a fraction of the time.

Then just click “generate” to preview all of your variants before launching.
When you’re ready to launch, all you have to do is pick which creative variants you want to test.

From there, you can choose the type of campaign, like traffic, reach, and conversions.

Then you’ll choose your spending level, which is great for budgets both large and small.

You can launch up to 1,500 Facebook ads at once for large-scale tests with all the variety you can imagine.

The best part? Marpipe organizes your mountains of data to be easily digestible.

You’ll be able to track analytics for each image and copy asset to see if audiences prefer anything from certain backgrounds to in-image text.

Plus, you can use filters to rank the assets, creatives, and audiences by different KPIs for actionable insights.

It’s never been easier to get the information you need to boost the overall effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

You won’t be fumbling through tons of folders looking for assets anymore with Marpipes built-in library.

This is where you can store all of your variables for ad creatives, including images, copy, fonts, and URLs.

Even better, uploaded images are tagged using machine learning for quick organization, and you can even add and edit copy right from the library.

That way, you can keep all of your messaging in one place with data to back it up, instead of spread across tons of shared docs organized by theme or “hype.” (Better in theory than practice.)

No need to worry about getting clients confused, either.

Marpipe lets you use separate ad accounts for different brands, and each account is linked with a Facebook Ad and Page, plus an Instagram account.

After the links are set up, you can launch ads to the saved audiences in Facebook, as well as pull data from live tests.

It’s perfect for agencies, freelancers who work with different teams, and consultants whose phones can’t stop blowin’ up.

Thing is, ad creative is (by far) the most important element to ad success.

Statistically, MOST ads we launch don’t work well. So why are we still totally shooting in the dark with NO efficient processes? Why does it feel like data science/automation has benefited every part of the marketing process EXCEPT for creative? 🤬

Marpipe is 2 years in the making, built for NOVICES and PROS alike;
✅ Using just a few creative assets, build hundreds of creatives in a multivariate grid.
✅ Launch them all to your desired level of spend (works for small OR big spenders).
✅ Find positive-outlier ads to scale.
🎉 Discover WHY your ads work at the asset-level so you can build better creative in the future.
🎉 Never make creative guesses again & stop getting crushed by creative fatigue

With over 4,500 users already signed up, you’ll be in good company – marketers from Segment, Tubi, Mars, MongoDB, Mainstreet, Lambda School, and a bunch of agencies are already leaning on us for their creative testing.

If you’re already multivariate testing your landing pages, start doing the same for your top-of-funnel creative and watch performance go 📈

Discover why Marpipe recently won #2 on Product Hunt and is backed by investors like MediaMath and Adobe (PS – yes, we have a free plugin available for Adobe XD too)! 🆕

What’s next for Marpipe? Over the next few weeks and months, you can expect constant feature additions that’ll make logging back in a constant thrill – a full template library complete with the top-performing direct response creative templates, plug-and-play asset packs, and ‘campaign collections’ for easy post-test scaling and organization of your top-performing creative assets (just to name a few things 🎁).
Marpipe is a lifesaver!
I have deep learning curve with social media campaigns, so I outsourced my campaign management. Subsequently, my entire Facebook account was shut down before any ads were run and with just 14 days before my event was scheduled to go live. I was left stranded and I felt completely overwhelmed. Then I found Marpipe on Appsumo and everything changed.

Marpipe helped me with my creatives, upload my Facebook campaign, and get my ad campaigns back on track. The customer service is excellent. Sam was patient with me and walked me through some amazing features that Marpipe offers.

Marpipe has helped me launch ad campaigns and receive the necessary analytics so I can make the proper decisions EVEN WITH my deep learning curve. Marpipe helps the non-creative with creatives.
Next level stuff, still early with limitations

I use FB ads on a daily basis with tools like, Uprive, Ad Espresso, and Adoptimizer and any other tool that works with paid afstand has been on LTD in the past 3 years. And now Marpipe.

The level of insight you can get on what works for which audience is INSANE!

You can easily see in their analytics dashboard if your product picture performed better then your petty face 🙂 or a blue background worked better then a red one.

When you design campaigns as experiments to test your assumptions you learn. The more you learn, the faster you can figure out what drives your growth.

The UX/UI is next level!
There is nothing like it.

☝️ From all the tools I bought, the experience is everything.

Should you buy this?
If you have questions and you need answers, Marpipe Coupon Code makes it easy to make informed decisions.