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Mark Hendricks was one of the original Internet marketing teachers, and he literally helped thousands of people build successful businesses.

Today is his online business “estate sale” and it’s something you really must see

Mark never set out to be in the “guru” business, and you won’t find a lot of hype about him on the web because he was always humble. He just really liked helping people.

I would say he never tooted his own horn, but in fact tooting his horn was one of his favorite things to do! No, I’m not talking about boasting, I’m talking about playing the trumpet! For real.

As a highly accomplished musician, he played with and conducted orchestras for many artists including Tony Bennett, Mel Torme, John Denver, Joan Rivers, Luciano Pavarotti, Red Skelton, The Four Tops and The Temptations, and dozens more.

He also composed a ton of music and created a library’s worth of music training books!

With the advent of the Internet, he became well-known internationally as a pioneer of internet marketing, introducing new strategies and concepts that people still use today as common practice in their internet-based businesses. He became a featured speaker at seminars, and held his own conferences which were known for their life-changing content.

Yet he really did it for the love of helping others. Sadly, he got cancer a few years ago, but even toward the end of his life he kept serving people until he literally could not any longer.

Here is something he wrote toward the end of his battle with cancer…

“All was going smoothly, trumpet chops back up and playing gigs in a variety of ensembles, teaching lessons via Skype and writing study books for trumpet, trombone and saxophone. Then I got the diagnosis May 2015… Mark you have tongue cancer, squamous cell carcinoma.

Everything changed, as you can imagine. Radiation and chemo didn’t work… 2 different trips to Mexican cancer clinics, helped some. Now more chemo treatment from a different USA cancer center.

I now have a feeding tube and a trach – which leaves me without the ability to talk, or play trumpet. Kind of hard to do those things I was really enjoying doing just a short time ago.

So I can still write, I can still give Skype lessons and type my comments to my students.

That’s where I’m at right now, not at all what I had planned for my semi-retirement, none the less I’m happy to be here doing what I can, when I can, and for who I can.”

Did you catch that closing statement?


He couldn’t even talk, and yet he kept helping people in any way he could.

That’s who Mark was.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the option of being personally coached by him any more. But his legacy lives on, and now you can become a part of it too.

His estate is liquidating his Internet marketing products with RIGHTS that have never been offered before.