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Insider’s Strategy Guide:

Journaling can help your community improve their businesses and their lives. One reason journals are so helpful is because they provide space to review what happened.

For example, you run a health and fitness website. You sell fitness journals to your readers. A customer is trying to lose weight but she ate a whole pizza by herself. While journaling, she realizes this isn’t an isolated incident. It’s part of a pattern—she tends to overeat on day when she gets a phone from her verbally abusive spouse.

Journaling can go beyond reviewing what happened and create space for your customers to look for solutions to their problems. Going with the example above, your customer could brainstorm other activities besides eating to do after those draining phones calls.

She might come up with solutions that help her handle her trigger like calling a supportive friend, going to the gym for an intense workout, or curling up on the couch with her favorite movie.

Another way that journaling can be useful is to help your customers examine their mindset and how it’s affecting them. For example, your customer is journaling about trying to learn new software so he can launch his online business. He’s discouraged and the entry is filled with negativity.

In this month’s package, you’ll get:

* Insider’s Strategy Guide to Learn How to Create and Sell Journals
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* 10 Journal Templates (.docx)
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