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Introducing Coupon Code is an interactive video tool that allows you to add interactive elements to your video content to better engage your audience.

With users being bombarded by content everywhere, you need something that’ll make your content stand out.’s interactive videos encourage your audience to engage by making them a part of your story.

The Intelli Design Studio is an intuitive tool that helps you add interactive elements to your video content in a matter of just minutes.

Offering simple drag-and-drop and point-and-click functionalities, the tool is easy to learn from the very first time you use it. lets you add a variety of interactive elements to your videos, including images, audio, and call-to-action buttons.

You can enter in text using the Intelli Text tool for guaranteed typography that’s sharp and attractive in any screen resolution.

You’ll also be able to insert breakpoints to stop the video at any point; create loops; include audio, images, animated GIFs, and pop-ups; jump to another point in the video; and much more.

Include web content in your video to encourage immediate actions, such as signing up for your email list or buying your product straight from the video (i.e. the future of infomercials).

While not every video can go viral (we’re still recovering from the flash mob incident of 2011), knowing your metrics can increase your odds.

Intelli Analytics was designed to capture users’ interactions and give you better insights into how your audience responds to your video content.

You’ll be able to determine which videos resonate best with your audience, so that you can try to replicate that success in future videos.

On the analytics dashboard, you can see stats like views, interactions, and play rate, looking back in time as far as the last 90 days.


1️⃣ Do you have a product demo?
Yes, you can see the product in action here:

2️⃣ Do you have a product roadmap?
Yes, our product roadmap is ambitious, full of great feature ideas and you can find it in the logged-in area or through the following link:

3️⃣ Do you have integrations with third-party tools?
At the moment we don’t have integrations, but we will have them, we would like to listen to you and start shaping the product to add as much value as possible.
Intelli TV videos can be embedded in applications and websites.

4️⃣ Do you have video training about how to use the app?
We have carefully built Intelli TV to guarantee a great user experience, with the mindset of “even without any training you should be able to start building great interactive videos”. We are planning to have learning content available very soon, please let us know which part of Intelli TV you would like to understand with more details.

5️⃣ Where is my data and videos stored?
Intelli TV safely stores all videos and assets in the cloud. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our cloud provider.

6️⃣ How does the streaming hours quota work? 🕒
The quota renews every month, it doesn’t carry over. Only content streamed through shared watch URLs or embed code contribute towards the quota, which means that as you design all your awesome content and videos, you won’t get any hours accrued against your quota.

Video content streamed through our platform use modern streaming technologies, meaning we can serve blocks/fragments of your videos instead of the whole video at once. As an example, if you had a 10 minutes long video, you would only get 10 minutes added to your current quota usage if your end users watched/streamed all of it. Initial video rendering does count towards the quota but the initial served fragments are currently under 1 minute, and only loaded further if end users watch through your video or jump forward through sections of it.

Don’t worry, we will reach out to you if you ever get close to hitting your monthly streaming hours limit.

Marketing videos are more effective when they are short, and for best results, we recommend keeping them in a range of 30 seconds to 5 minutes long.

The #1 Interactive video tool!

The best interactive video tool I have encountered on the market. I wished for a low refreshable quota, or the flexibility to have our own CDN while utilizing their innovative tools on top in some way.

For now, the tool is perfect for quick turnover events, movies, debuts and premieres.

if you have interactive tutorials or in general things to keep in the library of value that you will accumulate over time; It might not be ideal without the versatility of the Active Video limitation. As you might find yourself deleting videos if you don’t want to pay the additional fees.

Some suggestions:
-Refreshing the video limit (e.g. allow the addition of 1-2 videos a month).
-Allow external hosting if it doesn’t compromise your vision

None the less, overall 5/5 tacos for the technology, support team, and overall platform!

Interactive video is awesome

This looks awesome. I’ve been wanting an interactive type of video software similar to Consensus (which is priced at enterprise levels) and I’m definitely jumping on it. I would love to be able to do lead capture so I’m excited that is on the roadmap.

I do have 1 ask though. It would be great to be able to do branching without having to make a separate video for every version.

So for example I might have a video that has a short intro to catch people’s attention and then it stops and asks them: “Are you in sales or marketing”?

Then I have 2 videos it could choose from depending on their choice. Then I might ask
– If they chose sales: Are you more interested in Training or Reports?
– If they chose marketing: Are you more interested in SLAs or Leadgen

And on it might go.

/ \
Sales Marketing
/ \ / \
Training Reports SLAs Leadgen

If there were just 2 questions and 2 options each I’m looking at 7 videos (intro, sales, sales training, sales reports, marketing, marketing SLAs, marketing leadgen.)

I realize I could put this all on the same video and just jump around it (it would all fit in a 30 min video) but showing them that it’s a 30 min video when it really will end up being 10 min isn’t good for conversion, and jumping around the video would be kinda weird. What if they want to rewind and they end up in the sales portion when they chose marketing.

Hopefully that makes sense. Otherwise I love what you’ve got going on here and with Coupon Code it’s a slamming price for something that includes video hosting.

I’m wondering if the limit could be “projects” that could be up to 30min worth of videos total. Or total minutes (like instead of 25 30min videos do 750 min of video)?