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Guestboard Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Guestboard Lifetime.

Make use of the special Guestboard coupon code above to access discount page and save 96% off your next purchase of Guestboard by Peter Vandendriesse. Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time. Simply click the button above to reveal and copy your Guestboard Coupon Discount Code and use it to get your limited-time only deal. Since Guestboard launched for itโ€™s excellent value, one-time pricing

Guestboard Coupon Code

Introducing Guestboard Coupon Code

Guestboard is a modular event platform designed to make organizing and hosting simple.

Guestboard is an easy-to-use and versatile event platform, making it super accessible to both organizers and guests.

Using the suite of modular tools, you can instantly customize your event board to match the needs of your event.

Creating a Guestboard is simple as pie. Just choose a background, enter your event details, and you’re ready to share your invite link in literally two minutes!

Best Event Planner + great streaming app all in one place!!!

If you want to keep all communication for an event, for a virtual school or maybe you want to use for your team at work, then look no more here is Guestboard I purchased one code so I could take for a test drive. I embeded on my suscription base school and I have to say it was an inmediate success.

It have too many good features to communicate with your group or team, including the ability to stream a live feed inside the app (using Jitsee) or choose your favorite streaming app (for external link).

I see great potential in Guestboard and I believe that in the near future this tool could replace slack, facebook events, Cvents, Paperless note, Hopin and many others as they keep adding more features.

And would I like best is the great support plus the developer is listening to our subjections (translation to other languages is coming something in 2021.

Im going to max out codes before the deal end and I subject you to do the same.

Even if you only buy one code you get the first 30 users free and then you get 250 user with your purchase. That alone is worth a code.

Guestboard goes beyond PeerBoard (wich I also have).

Dont let this great tool pass you by or youยดll regret it later.
Thank you Appsumo and Peter for bringing Guestboard to us. 5 tacos from me.

Very appealing and promising event planning tool!

I like the look and feel of the platform very much, it has a personal and inviting (!) touch. You feel right at home.
Its also super easy to use, both for hosts and guests.
Modular structure: you simply take the widgets you need and switch off the others that you don’t need at the moment. Again, super easy.
Very promising roadmap, I am looking forward, among other things, to the possibility of using the platform in other languages.
Thank you for this great (and very generous) offer!

Event Planners’ Delight!

Can I give Guestboard 15 yummy tacos?

I max-stacked this offer and you should too, if you or your agency clients do any event planning work. While I specialize in weddings, I do other event work and workshops, and this tool does some pretty serious work in engaging your guests or audience prior to the event; timeline; share downloads/photos; have a remote video meeting; and add sponsors/deals/things to do!

And – you can assign separate workspaces ๐Ÿ™‚ .

I tested this out prior to my multi-stack and it does what it says it does, and thanks Peter for being open to adding things (like a pdf of the timeline for a paper handout onsite).

Seriously, whether you engage others in Meetup hikes, belong to the local native plant society, are planning reunions (when we get to again!), are in the wellness group at work, run fitness classes, or are in charge of that science conference, – or – plan weddings, this is a no-brainer solution.

The key tool for events

I don’t usually leave reviews, but I feel that I have to do so with this tool.
App looks really great, love how it feels and options. It has a lot of potential to help someone with their events. And reading that they will increase the number of tools makes this even better. Some ideas that I would love to see:
– Other languages: Spanish please, if you want, I can help with that, I translated a lot of sites.
– In pictures tab, allow organizer to batch download all the pictures. For example, I’m using it to organize my wedding, and I would like to be able to download all the pics at once, instead of right click-download each one individually ๐Ÿ™‚
– Board has issues with characters. When editing an already posted message, grammatical signs like ! ” ‘ or so, appears as html code and makes everything look weird.
– Time schedule: allow an scheduled event to start one day (for example 15th at 23:00) and finish the following day (for example the 16th at 10:00). As some events like flights or so needs more than one day, and at the moment I can’t add those ๐Ÿ™‚
– Folders in resource area: being able to add a folder of “Hotels” another of “Cards” or whatever, having everything organized.

I’ll keep playing and letting you know ideas ๐Ÿ˜€ An ap that worths the money!


I immediately jumped on this deal! Seen the beautiful layout and features. I created my first event and it was really simple to do. During the creation of the event this platform gave a sense of elegance and style that most other event softwares doesn’t give. The experience leading up to the event where my guest could see and feel is extraordinary. I fel like I was putting on something premier and grand. I got a lot of great feedback from my guest about how they love this software. I have about 40 or so guest in a few hour span. See my event here

Great for all types of events: personal or professional

What drew me to Guestboard is that I can use it for all types of business events. I’m an online tutor and course developer. I plan to use it to setup mini-webinars events for the students on my email list.

And what I like about this tool is that it streamlines all communication and event planning in one place,

— Pros
The admin pages are fast and load super smoothly. The UI is modern and a joy to behold. And the UE is well thought out.

After registering for an account, in just 3 simple steps, I had my first even scheduled.

Step 1: Select type of event
Step 2: Select an image as the event poster
Step 3: Enter event details

– Date format is in USA format. Please could you add other global formats, e.g., the UK date format 12/02/2021?

– Location selection is mandatory. But my events will all be virtual. I wonder if ‘location’ can be made optional? Or even better if we could select ‘event type = in-person OR virtual’?

– After adding my custom branding, I selected my widgets.

– Adding a video chat linked to my event was easy. The video chat worked perfectly. I like the ability to enter the video chat room 10 mins before my guests so I can get setup. Plus the ability to force everyone to start muted is great.

– Building a schedule is a breeze. I was able to limit the number of guests to any number I chose.
— Multiple agenda items can be added; each item can have it’s own guest list and will only be shown to a specific guest list.
— I hate manually adding schedule items so the ability to import a schedule via CSV is great. If you have a website you can also embed your schedules on any external website to show the schedule and your site visitors can RSVP right then and there. How is easy that!

I sent invitations to my guests. In the email body it listed my personal name whereas I would prefer my brand name to be displayed. Can this be changed?

The Sponsors widget is a good addition. But, personally I would prefer a widget where we could highlight our own company’s products.

— Cons
– The site doesn’t appear to use a CDN. Please consider adding a CDN which will give an equally fast web experience to my students across the globe.
– CNAME would be wonderful. Please consider adding CNAME in the near future on a per-company and per-event basis.
– It would be fantastic to have a real-live chat widget where users can react to other users’ messages. This would take Guestboard to another level.

Overall, I’m very impressed! It’s clear that Peter, the owner, is deeply committed to Guestboard and has poured his blood, sweat, and tears into developing this app. He’s also done a great job in patiently answering our questions. I have faith in him and in the future of Guestboard. I will definitely recommend this app to my network. In conclusion, if you want to streamline all your communication and event planning in one place, stacking this deal is a no brainer.

Great Platform for events

I purchased 1 code to test it out, and will probably stack a couple more for future events.

I really like that the first 30 guests are free, and that they are doing this to support small events. Really appreciate it.

Guestboard Coupon Code as a whole has great potential for organizing events. The features are very useful, and it helps that everything is in one place. Overall, the look and feel of it is very slick as well.

Missing a taco based on some experiences:
– The app doesn’t load on Safari after I used the custom domain. Not ideal, and not sure if this impacts the guests.
– Ability to rearrange order of resources for better user experience (Understand it’s on the roadmap)
– Feature image not responsible for App. The Feature image looks fine on my browser but gets cropped on the app. Would be great if it is responsive, or there are guidelines for feature image.
– Video Chat not showing in App but in Browser. Again, might just be a small bug to be fixed.