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Using Facebook Messenger bots is a great way to get and keep your prospect’s attention and turn those prospects into buyers.

Build list to grow audience. When someone interacts with your Facebook Messenger bot, they are automatically added to your Messenger mailing list. They can also join by using a ‘send me a message’ type button on your website, by commenting to subscribe and more. Once you have them on your messenger list, you can request their email address so prospects are added to your main autoresponder list. This allows you to contact prospects as often as you’d like.
Engage your audience. Messenger bots allow you to engage your audience as if you were right there with them, even though you may be hundreds of miles away from your computer. Automatically push new content to your followers by notifying them when you publish new content. If you own a brick and mortar business, you can broadcast special offers to local customers. Travel venues can use bots to help customers book flights, hotel reservations, car rentals and more. New stations can use bots to send the latest news and weather reports. Retail stores can use bots to take orders, track shipping, handle general customer support, and more.
Create custom experiences for customers. People like to feel as if they’re talking directly to you and that you are paying close attention to their needs. When you set up your bot messages, you can ask questions and word responses in a way that users will never know you’re not sitting at your keyboard responding to them directly. The messages that viewers receive are based on the answers they provide or selections they choose. This makes the entire experience feel personal. It also builds trust with customers, as they are guided through a more engaging sales funnel.

In this month’s package, you’ll get:

* Insider’s Strategy Guide to Learn About Facebook Messenger Bots
* Appointment or Reservation Template
* Coupon Support Template
* Customized Suggestions Template
* Customer Support Template
* FAQ Template
* Follow-Up Template
* Order Tracking Template
* Product Purchase Template
* Request for Information Template
* Return/Refund Policy Template