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Make use of the special Email Marketing Advantage promo code above to access discount page and save 20% off your next purchase of Email Marketing Advantage by Wael Kaheel.Take note that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time.Simply click yellow banner above to reveal and copy your Email Marketing Advantage discount code and use it to get your limited-time only deal.If the particular deal given here has expired, simply use the search box up above to search for the most recent available deals, discounts and bargains for this Email Marketing Advantage .

Email Marketing Advantage is for you if you are:

An Affiliate Product Marketer
If you’re selling other peoples’ products, email marketing will allow you to promote those offers to your clients.

An Ecommerce Store Owner
As an ecommerce store owner, you can provide your customers with new product announcements, discount coupons, and special sales.

A Digital Product Creator
As a digital product creator, you can promote your products to your list and introduce them to new product offerings and follow up.

A Personal Development Coach
As a personal development, fitness, or business coach you can literally use email marketing to deliver digital coach sessions to your clients.

A Podcaster or Video Expert
Imagine being able to send a message to your podcast or video channel subscribers at the click of a button? Email marketing gives you the power!

A Software Platform Developer
Are you a software developer whose always updating your software? Email marketing is a great way to introduce those updates to your clients.


Module 1: When Is The Best Time To Email Your List?
After thousands of emails sent at various times of the day, we have come to the conclusion the clear-cut definitive answer on the best time to send out your email-marketing message.

The answer will surprise you.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 3 Minutes 52 Seconds

Module 2: Double Optin Vs. Single Optin
One of the most popular and controversial questions in the world of Email Marketing Which is it best: single optin or double opt-in when signing someone up to your list?

This module will provide the answer.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 5 Minutes 11 Seconds

Module 3: How To Create Marketing Emails That Convert
In this training module, we will take you step by step through the process of creating marketing emails that convert. Writing promotional emails can serve as the backbone of your email marketing success.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 33 Minutes 25 Seconds

Module 4: How Often Should You Mail Your List?
Wanting to know how often you should communicate with your list, is one of the most commonly asked questions in email marketing.

We’ve have tested this and also talked with several top marketers and in this module, we reveal our findings.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 2 Minutes 7 Seconds

Module 5: Should You Ask For The Subscriber’s First Name?
We’ve been asked this very question more times than we can remember. You wann know what works best?

You’ll find out in this module.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 2 Minutes 18 Seconds

Module 6: How To Track Your Click Through And Open Rates?
Tracking your open rates and clickthrough rates is essential to your email marketing. It is important that you know how often your subscribers are opening your emails and how often they are clicking the links within the body of your messages.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 8 Minutes 30 Seconds

Module 7: How To Find Balance In Your Email Marketing?
In this video module, we are going to discuss how you can find balance in your email marketing. In other words, how much should you be sending promotional emails versus how much you should be offering free stuff?

VIDEO RUNTIME: 3 Minutes 2 Seconds

Module 8: The Art Of Story Telling
As a kid growing up, you’ve probably heard many stories. There were bedtime stories. There were the fairytales like Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, Jack and the beanstalk, which happens to be my favorite this very day.

Effective storytelling is essential to your email marketing success because it’s something that captivates your audience’s undivided attention.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 2 Minutes 33 Seconds

Module 9: Plain Text Vs. HTML Emails
Some marketers create their emails using html formatting, while other use a simple text version.

We are going to travel to our computer and show you which email version we use and why.

VIDEO RUNTIME: 1 Minute 50 Seconds

Module 10: Call To Action Tips
In this video module, we are going to discuss how you can create a powerful call to action (CTA’s) in your emails. A live example watch over my shoulders how i walk you through to get more noticed and get your prospect taking action .

VIDEO RUNTIME: 4 Minutes 30 Seconds