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Copywriting is about connecting with your audience. When there’s a genuine connection and your community senses that you truly care, they’re happy to buy from you.

Before you write a single word of copy, you need to slow down and consider who you’ll be targeting with your products or services. Knowing your ideal client is the secret to writing copy that makes customers eager to buy from and promote your brand.

If you don’t know who your ideal customer is or if you think your buyer is “anyone who wants it” then your copy is going to fail. You’ll be left wondering what went wrong.

Your ideal client determines the tone you’ll use in your copy. A good marketer knows that not every tone is appropriate for every audience. For example, you sell a digital course on learning guitar at home.

If your target market is twenty-something year old men looking to impress girls, your tone will be light-hearted. Your copy may reference flirting with and impressing a woman while you play guitar.

But if your target market is parents who have a child in elementary school, your copy will be vastly different. You’ll talk about the benefits of learning an instrument and share statistics about how kids that play an instrument do better in school.

After identifying your target audience, your copy should focus on your qualifications. You need to sell your community on why you’re the ideal teacher or creator of your course.