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Coupon Details

Content Gorilla 2.0 Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get Content Gorilla 2.0.

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Content Gorilla 2.0 Coupon Code

Introducing Of Content Gorilla 2.0 Coupon Code

What is Content Gorilla?

Content Gorilla 2.0, Helps you create 100% high
authority, search engine friendly & human-readable
content in literally minutes. And you can
automatically syndicate it to Facebook, LinkedIn &

[+] Convert any YouTube video into a fully formatted
blog post.
[+] Auto images: Images automatically added into your
content based upon your video to make your posts
look more appealing.
[+] Post tags: Help rank your posts high on search
[+] Bulk Poster: Create upto 10 posts instantly or
schedule for upto 10 days.
[+] Article Rewriter: Rewrite your own content.
[+] Punctuate & Grammar Correct: Make sure your
content reads AMAZING!
[+] Social Traffic: Instantly syndicate content to
Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
And so much more..

The thing is, all of those come with their own problems…

Writing content yourself is perhaps the most effective and inexpensive way of going about it, provided that

you’re good at writing compelling content, and can write in fluent English with good vocabulary, and without

making a lot of grammatical mistakes.

And even if you can do that, writing content yourself will take a lot of your time.

Reading, researching, writing, proofreading and then refining your final work.

All of this is painstakingly time consuming.

Doing that once or twice is fine, but over and over again? Nah!

Not easy. You’ll eventually lose motivation to write. And let’s face it – with low motivation, you will have ZERO energy to talk about your content on social media. Result – ZERO traffic!

I know it because I have been there.

I have set up so many wordpress blogs, but after writing 4-5 posts, I run out of motivation and those blogs sit there

without making any money.

Which means that writing yourself isn’t the right long-term solution.

​Now with that out of the question, you decide to hire a ghost writer to write for your blog.

Depending on your luck, and how much you’re willing to pay, you may get high quality, superb vocabulary and even Google friendly content.

​But it won’t be very friendly on your pocket.

​How do I know this? See – I went to the cheapest platform known to man, FIVERR.

​And I ordered 20 articles over a period of 2 months…

​It cost me $250+.

So after all, hiring a ghost writer isn’t the best solution either.​

Now you go and start looking for a piece of software program which will help you automate writing articles.

The first one you check generates content that is unique, but it sounds so robotic that you can hardly read it.

So then you go look for another piece of software. And you end up finding that this other software is sourcing content from other blogs around the internet. Which means that the content isn’t unique at all so you use a cheap article spinner. And now you’re back to the same problem, robotic sounding content.

And worse – ​if you do it wrong, you may even be liable for any legal issues arising from duplicate content.

Wait – I haven’t even started talking about SHARING this content on social media. Doing this manually is a tiresome process.

And the more tiresome a process is, the less likely you are to implement it.

These are all real world problems that you will face. ​

I know it, because I was there.

Then one day, I stumbled across something amazing…

This was a complete accident – but a happy one at that. I stumbled upon something that was always there in front of my eyes but I never thought of it.​

Something that was right under my nose.​

An untapped source of unique content.

I discovered YouTube Closed Captions…

I was sitting on a goldmine of content that will eventually, completely change my content marketing business.

But not just every YouTube video – no.

Instead – to stay legally compliant, I focused on the videos with commercial and creative commons rights (this license allows you to use the video and content freely, and sometimes with link back to the video).

With this newfound knowledge, I started looking for a software that would help me quickly get this content on my blog. The internet is a big place, there must to be something like that, right?

​Well, after searching for a couple weeks – I gave up. I found absolutely nothing.

​There were software that would allow me to download this content. But it still needed a lot more manual

work. Which took even longer than writing the content myself.

​Which is why I decided to build Content Gorilla.

And until today, it’s been actively used by over 3,500 customers – who have created over 250,000 content pieces with it.

And if you think they had it easy – keep reading to see how your life is about to get 10x BETTER as we have infused NEW features into this app – Content Gorilla 2.0

Features that help you do MORE, and get MORE TRAFFIC – from a single software.


Content Gorilla is unbelievably easy to use. I say this being a non-techie, and very close to 70 years old 🙂 With this tool I’m able to find the best YouTube videos, and within minutes turn them into a blog post. I highly recommend Content Gorilla to all bloggers.”

Find & Replace

Since Content Gorilla converts videos into text, there are instances where you would want to replace a specific word. For example: From “In this video” to “In this blog post”.

Doing this manually would consume a LOT of your time.

Using the Find & Replace feature, you can save a lot of time doing that.

Content Spinner

Built-in content spinner creates unique, readable variation of content every time. This has been built SPECIFICALLY for Content Gorilla users with closed captions in mind.

Even though according to Google, Social Media is not a direct factor of SEO ranking but there’s sufficient evidence supporting that the better social signals your content has, the higher your ranking will be.

On average, the higher a website in search results, the more of a social presence that website has.

Today, links are mainly achieved through
developing original content that is in turn,
shared across social media.
Links to your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other social networks help the search engines understand what websites are credible and should be ranked for what keyword phrases.

Links are mainly achieved via Social Sharing

So it’s pretty transparent that if you want to rank your websites on search engines, social sharing is very important. With Content Gorilla 2.0 Coupon Code upgrade you can integrate Content Gorilla with your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts which allows you to publish your content to all your social media channels in just one click – this will help you get higher rankings on search engines