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Introducing BuildBubbles Coupon Code

BuildBubbles is a tool that lets WordPress bloggers turn written content into high-quality podcasts without any mics or studios.

Your podcast will be ready in no time once you choose from BuildBubbles’ sound design template options.

These professional templates are created by actual sound engineers, letting you customize the sound to your liking using different voices and music.

From there, BuildBubbles translates your written words into a podcast you can be proud of.

No mics. No studio. No retakes. It’s almost unfair how easy it is.

BuildBubbles comes with its own audio player, too.

You can even customize the colors and style to match your branding.

After you’re done, embed the player on your website to give visitors instant access to your spanking new podcast.

Go beyond the embeddable player and get your project on Apple Podcasts.

BuildBubbles gives you auto RSS feed generation, so you can access more listeners through Apple’s platform.

After you’ve submitted to Apple Podcasts once, all of your new episodes will automatically show up on Apple.

If you have a lot of articles on your WordPress blog, then you can create an entire podcast series fast enough to keep binge-listeners happy.

More people are blogging than ever. But at the same time, more people today prefer to listen rather than read. So, we thought: What if content providers could offer a way for people to listen to their content?

Converting a written blog to a podcast involves what’s known as text-to-speech. But text-to-speech alone cannot create podcasts that connect with people. Good podcasts need more than a voice to tell the story: They need music and rhythm to create an emotional impact. They need “sound design” to build a good podcast that grabs their audience’s attention.

That’s why we came up with BuildBubbles. It’s a tool that can help content providers such as bloggers and small businesses to easily make awesome podcasts without a microphone or studio equipment.

Content providers do not even need to know how to edit the podcast. BuildBubbles converts written blog posts into compelling podcasts with sound design! With BuildBubbles, your blog will stand out and you’ll reach a much wider audience.

As a content provider, you spend a lot of time creating interesting content. Make sure it reaches as many people as possible!

BuildBubbles is easy and intuitive. Just three steps and a few minutes and it’s done!
1. Paste a link of your WordPress blog post you’d like to convert to a podcast
2. Choose the BuildBubbles podcast template and voices you want. You can edit your podcast if you wish.
3. Once you’re finished, you can download it, embed it in your blog, and/or publish it to Apple Podcasts in a click! It’s that easy.

just added the feature for you to turn off BuildBubbles branding. Please follow the instructions in this link –

Not very impressed

The import of the blog post isn’t well designed. When you first import the blog, you can’t customize the intro and outro. So you have to generate it, edit those, then generate them again.

Lists and headings don’t have the right formatting. Random words are spelled out as letters. The voices can pronounce ‘FAQ’, but not ‘SEO’.

I’ve spent a long time tidying up a blog and rewriting parts of it to try and get the voice to read it correctly. The browser has crashed twice in that time.

Perhaps the most annoying thing is that the audio keeps playing even if you navigate to another page.

Having seen the amount of spam on Reddit for this service, I kinda wish I hadn’t paid for it. I’ll continue to use it, but it should be easier than this.

Exactly what I was looking for.

I purchased three codes about a week ago. I’ve been looking for a way to turn my daily web posts into a podcast for more than a year, but nothing suited my needs until now. Creating a podcast is simplicity itself. I’ve noticed that people have said the voices are robotic. Nobody has perfect human-like voices, yet – Amazon and Google included.
For what my opinion is worth, BuildBubbles is a true startup. It’s two people with a dream, making it a reality. As a one-person show with 150 customers myself, I can appreciate how hard the BuildBubbles team is working. The software is easy to use, and in my case, everything has gone smoothly.
Right now, they can only publish directly to iTunes. That’s not a problem if you download and then upload it to Anchor ( Anchor will then publish your podcast to iTunes, Spotify, Pocket Casts etc.

I’d give BuildBubbles 500 tacos if I could, and I’d do it for two reasons. First, because it does what it says it will do – turn webpages into podcasts. Second, because it is a real startup, with a super small team, they are doing everything themselves.

In the how-to, Max said they would like to make BuildBubbles the Canva of Text to Speech.

I’m not an American, but I feel BuildBubbles is a fantastic example that the American dream is alive and well in Denver, Colorado.

BuildBubbles is an emphatic yes from me.

Definite 5 Taco Buy for Me

This service caught my eye right off. I set up a free 7 day demo account and ran it through the paces. I ran several articles/web pages through the service and it worked great, even with technical medical jargon. I thought it was a great service and ran it by my VP and she loved it. (shock)

A little back story…
I am in the process of doing a complete redesign of website for a large hospital in So. California. I thought this would be a great addition to the redesign, offering the hospital clients the option of listening to the articles on the page, rather than reading. Given the choice of reading a 1,625 word article on Peripheral Arterial Disease, or listening to it – well people are lazy. This also would invite people who are self educating themselves on different procedures to stay 3 to 8 minutes on a page, and not just bounce off. This also would make our website more ADA compliant. There will probably be an SEO boost for the podcast service links.

The only thing I had to do is change some settings on my enterprise CMS’s web security settings to allow for the APi calls out to make the magic happen. Other than that, the setup, the execution, and the implementation was a breeze.

Excellent and Simple Enough

This worked seamlessly from login to first generated episode in 10 minutes without the need for any help at all. That’s impressive for any piece of software. Very well put together. The only downside for me is that I need my own voice on my podcasts, but that’s OK because it has the facility to say who’s speaking, so I’m just going to have it say something like “Welcome to the podcast, this is XYZ’s autobot speaking, in this episode I’m going to talk about…”. It would be AWESOME at some point in the future if it let us record our own voice to be digitised. But that’s a ‘next gen’ wish I guess. The background music is expertly mixed and the episode I generated sounds like it’s been professionally edited (and that was straight out of the box). I’d like to see more voice and music options, but hopefully they’ll come in time.

Great product, but needs work

I have been playing around with BuildBubbles for a few days now, and it is a very interesting tool to add further value to a blog post if you allow users to have an article read aloud. It helps reduce accessibility or entry barriers which is always a good thing.

On the other hand, I’m not sure if such automated text using robotic voices qualifies as a ‘high-quality’ podcast, a medium that lives from the play with voice, breaks and other aspects of communication such as laugh or sighs, etc. IMO, implementing the audio files on a blog is the strongest use case so far while also hoping that voices will further improve over time.

I’m sure there will be a lot of improvements happen in the future, and that particular service other reviewers have suggested adding to BuildBubbles is really amazing. One strange thing though is that when listening to the computer voice for longer I actually get used to it. I assume that this is due to the background music which is certainly one of the best features here.

There are also a few things I noticed that would need further work in order to provide a satisfying user experience.

The user interface is easy to use although there are still a lot of flaws. The whole process of adding text could be made easier. Importing text via URL works but splits the text into unfortunate sections, e.g. a headline ends up in the previous section while the description is in the next one.

One critical aspect is how changes can be reviewed. Here, it all depends on where you have changed the text or added a voice feature such as breaks or emphasis. If changes made at the beginning, you are lucky. You do not have to wait until the whole text has been read-out. It is unnecessarily time-consuming if the changes have been made at the end of a section. I suggest allowing playing the voice for selected text passages.

Probably a bug, but some of my text has disappeared after I set breaks. However, it is still being read-out. I just cannot see it anymore nor can I edit it. This makes the process troublesome.

As a user, I also want to set headlines that apply a stronger emphasis by default. It certainly means that the import already should recognize elements such as headlines, sub-headlines or bullet points and with that the need to pronounce or emphasize them differently.

Alternatively, I would prefer adding text manually, declare headlines, bullet points etc, and then have the algorithm process the text, break it down into sections and apply voice and music and whatsoever. At the moment it is the other way around making editing a bit inconvenient as I have to look for passages in BuildBubbles Coupon Code the various sections and add parameters.

All the best guys, text to speed is definitely a technology to watch out for.