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Attention Insight Coupon Code

Introducing Attention Insight Coupon Code

Attention Insight improves design success with pre-launch analytics that give you valuable feedback before you hit publish.

To test a design, simply create a study and upload an image. Or if you’re testing a live page, enter the URL.

Attention Insight Heatmaps, powered by AI, indicate how the users group attention distributes between specific design objects.

Spot the most eye-catching parts of your design, so you can pre-test what’s hot and what’s not (are those Crocs… in the logo?)

You can also test specific areas of interest and get an exact percentage of attention that object receives.

Quick note: Attention Insight is best for pages and creatives read from left-to-right. We don’t recommend using it for pages or creatives written in languages that read in a right-to-left or downward pattern (e.g. Hebrew or Chinese).

The Clarity Score shows how clear your design is.

A score between 57 and 95 equals Optimal Clarity (i.e. best user experience), while 0% means you should reconsider hiring your spouse’s cousin who claimed to be a designer.

Alexa Site Rank lets you compare your design clarity with Top 170 Alexa sites in different categories of your industry standard, like Landing, E-commerce, and News Media.

And don’t worry, the site rank feature isn’t a voice command. (“Alexa, how does my site rank?” I’m sorry, I don’t know how your kite sank. 🤦‍♂️)

Use the compare feature to implement A/B testing to test multiple versions of your design for higher conversion rates.

Set them up side by side on one screen and see how they stack up against each other.

In Analysis mode, you’ll get a comparison table that contrasts the Clarity scores of both designs as well as the attention percentage for each tested object.

Compare header images, call to actions, menus, and more to see which one is winning in overall attention.

The Attention Insight Chrome Extension makes it easy to evaluate your website design.

You can even compare your design with your competition in one click.

You’ll be able to uncover the website’s usability strengths and weaknesses to increase traffic and user engagement on your webpage.

Generate instant feedback for your design or product team, so you can save time by avoiding fixes after the launch (I told you Comic Sans was a bad idea, Frank).

Attention Insight is a pre-launch marketing campaign analytics. Allowing you to see a design through the eyes of users, available on Chrome, Adobe XD, Sketch, and Web app. Analyze different campaign material, compare multiple designs of websites, posters, banners, and more.

**Who is Attention Insight for?**
Our customer base is split between:
👉 in-house marketers and marketing teams looking to create better campaigns, faster;
👉 digital/growth agencies that focus on User-centric feedback in the pre-launch stage of website or campaign and want to have data-driven argumentation while pitching their creatives.

**Why is Attention Insight is special?**
Attention Insight – AI-powered platform that assesses how users will see your design. Without data collection we can simulate human vision, so you can see your campaign through users’ eyes. Our technology automates eye-tracking studies and generates heatmaps that are 90% accurate in comparison with real eye-tracking heatmaps. Furthermore, our AI accuracy is approved by MIT. 

No integration of third-party code is needed. No user’s data collection – 100% GDPR compliant. No need to collect third party cookies data. So you can test BEFORE you go live and test as many layout options as you like.

**Attention Insight use cases**
There are many use cases for using Attention Insight. Here are some examples:
👉 Optimize the website conversion rate
👉 A/B testing of marketing materials
👉 Audit existing designs
👉 Validate design ideas
👉 Prove design decisions to clients
👉 Benchmark against competition

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked:

❓ How does your algorithm know where people look?

The algorithm was built and trained with a data pool of eye-tracking studies. At first, we showed the AI how human vision operates, how we see colors, faces, different environments. Then we trained it on different content types: landing pages, e-commerce stores, etc. Now it can simulate human vision with 90% accuracy.

❓ What makes Attention Insight different from other heatmaps?

All heatmaps are visual representations of data that showcase how visitors interact with visual materials. There are different types of heatmaps which represent different data. Thus, it is important to understand what data you are visualizing. Here are the examples:

Mouse-tracking heatmaps (hover, click and scroll maps) record, quantify and represent data of the mouse or trackpad movement. To make accurate findings, you should record your users and have a sample size large enough (around 2000-3000 according to CXL).

Eye-tracking heatmaps gather and visualize data about the most and least attention capturing sections and elements of a web page. To make accurate findings, you should possess eye-tracking software and devices, recruit enough users (at least 39 to generate heatmaps according to NN/g) and record their behavior.

Attention Insight heatmaps powered by AI just like eye-tracking heatmaps show which areas of the visual materials have been viewed the most and the least. You can find out if key pieces of information are in the area that is visible to most users. It is different from mouse-tracking heatmaps since it indicates where visitors look versus where they click or hover the mouse. Also, no data collection is required since an AI algorithm uses previously recorded data from real eye-tracking studies with 30 800 images in total and generates attention heatmaps in seconds. Thus, it is a much more affordable and faster option with 90-94% accuracy compared to real eye-tracking studies.

❓ Where is the eye tracker?

Our service does not require separate data collection to generate each heatmap. Attention Insight AI algorithm is trained using previously recorded data from real eye-tracking studies with 30 800 images in total.

❓ Where do I put a code snippet in my webpage?

You don’t need to put any code on your website to generate attention heatmaps. It is different from mouse-tracking heatmaps since it indicates where visitors look versus where they click or hover the mouse. No data collection is required since an AI algorithm uses previously recorded data from real eye-tracking studies and generates attention heatmaps in seconds.

A tool with great potential

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who brought this wonderful tool here.
If you have a business in a field related to this product, you must definitely understand its value. It currently has some important shortcomings. However, even as such, it deserves more than 5 Tacos.

Besides the product, the support deserves 5 Tacos. Around 03:00, Kamile and Martynas were struggling to answer my silly questions. Vestina answered my absurd questions in the morning very quickly and politely.

I can’t even imagine 1 year ahead of this product.
By the way, I also have a few requests. If the product development schedule is suitable and you find the suggestions suitable, you can add.
– Gaze Path Plots and Aggregated Plots
– Focus Maps
– White label and Branded PDF reporting
– PDF file upload

Thank you again and again.

Cool product – Good support

AttentionInsight simulates human attention and uses AI to predict where users will focus their attention on a given design (screen / ad / etc.) It’s an alternative to services like and others.

Given that the pricing for Feng-gui is ~$99 / month for 100 tests, this deal is a great opportunity.

The product is at MVP stage, so functionality that’s peripheral to the core business isn’t as polished and bug free as you may want, BUT the team is super responsive on working out issues – which to me is more important.

If you’re looking to validate designs and understand how a screen may be perceived by users, Attention Insight Coupon Code is a good tool to have in your toolbox.