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Here are a list of the titles included:

Welcome And How Patient Are You?
What Exactly Is Patience?
The Importance Of Becoming A More Patient Person
Patience Is A Skill – Practice Helps
Quick Patience Tip – Count To Ten
Patience Is A Virtue! Or Is It?
5 Signs That You’re An Impatient Person
Get In The Habit Of Realizing When Patience Is In Order
Reflect On When You’ve Been Too Impatient
Times To Be Patient vs. Times To Act
Quick Patience Tip – Take A Breath
Using Visualization Exercises To Help With Patience
3 Things You Must Do After An Impatient Outburst
The Physical Side Of Impatience
Being Stressed Will Keep You From Tapping Into Your Patient Side
Create Awareness About Losing Your Patience
Pinpoint What’s Causing You To Lose Your Cool
Give Yourself A Time Out To Recoup Your Patience
Work Towards Becoming More Patient One Trigger At A Time
The Power of Re-Visualizing To Become More Patient
Find An Outlet For Frustrations
Meditate Your Way To Patience
Why Do You Feel Rushed?
Build Buffers Into Your Daily Schedule To Make Time For Patience
How Gratitude & Thankfulness Can Make You More Patient
The Dangers Of Instant Gratification & The Power Of Anticipation
Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
It’s Ok To Fake Patience Until You Feel It
Patience Is A Choice
Reflect On How Far You’ve Come And Where To Go From Here